Beeline Pest Control, Inc. is a Best of HomeAdvisor Award Winner
Beeline Pest Control, Inc. is a Best of HomeAdvisor Award Winner
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The downtown has a wonderful aesthetic.

In 1849, a number of Mormon Pioneers settled Provo, though they initially called it Fort Utah. A facsimile of Fort Utah still stands not far from the original location, in today’s Fort Utah Park on Geneva Road. Pests have been a part of Pioneer history in Utah with Mormon Crickets, and pest control in Provo has since been a necessity.

For some time the area north of the city was called the “Provo Bench.” Later,  much of it incorporated as Orem. Downtown is the County building, because Provo is the county seat, as well as some great historic storefronts. There’s an LDS temple downtown (it was once a tabernacle), and NuSkin’s headquarters are on Center street there.

Provo is home to Brigham Young University (BYU) with over 30,000 students, and the LDS mission training center. The area is often called “Happy Valley,” and Provo is at the heart of it. Notably, it is one of the first cities with Google Fiber, and the population is a little over 110,000 people (in 2015). Projected growth is higher in Provo and the south end of Utah Valley than it is in the north, will reverse the trend of the last couple of decades.

Provo’s municipal airport has limited flights available, and it serves the aviation program of the nearby Orem school Utah Valley University, through a satellite UVU campus right at the airport, which is located at the west end of Center street, by Utah Lake.

June bugs Provo

June Bug Photo by donjd2

Olympic runners and other athletes often train in Provo for it’s high elevation and plentiful running trails, and it is one of only two cities in the world with two LDS temples. Provo is also becoming fairly bicycle friendly, hosting a Bicycle collective. Notable businesses such as Action Target, Vivint, Nu Skin, Qualtrics, and operate out of the city.

The city holds a parade and big celebration on the the 4th of July weekend each year. The Stadium of Fire is an entertainment and fireworks show hosted in BYU’s stadium, usually featuring well known musical artists and bands. Other entertainment and vendors set up right downtown near the County building. Provo also holds an annual “First Night” event on New Year’s Eve, with attractions and activities located all over downtown, many of them up and down Center Street.

Provo’s hot and dry summers are great weather, but wasps are common, and every year, the June Bugs come out. Certain kinds of trees in the area play host to the Box Elder Bug, a small beetle that isn’t dangerous, but can be obnoxious in large numbers. Ants are common pests, too. Cockroaches, termites, and scorpions are  not terribly common. Sometimes winters are pretty dry, but generally Provo gets more snowfall than it’s neighbor Orem, an average of almost 60 inches yearly. With the cold winters, sometimes mice will look for warmth in attics, basements, and crawlspaces. If your home needs some attention to help rid it of pests, call us. Here at Beeline, our priority is to help you make your home pest-free.

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