Ants are a common insect that live in colonies. Elimination methods for eliminating ants should include killing the entire colony. Spraying an ant with ant repellent spray might kill a few ants but not the whole colony. Ants enter residences, through the tiniest of openings, searching for food, water, and shelter. Ants thrive on sweet based foods and protein/oil based foods. Once they find a food source, ants will leave a scent path for the other ants to follow.


To control an ant problem, it must first be found. To find ant scent trails, follow the paths they take. Ants lay down a pheromone scent trail when they discover a food source so other ants can easily find the food as well. Inside your house, inspect and search along the edges of the carpeting, doorways, shutters, and all spaces of the kitchen. The simplest way to find a path to the colony is to see where the ants go after finding the food.

Carpenter Ants

If one is looking to target Carpenter ants, searching at night-time is extra effective as the larger Carpenter ant loves the night. One can find Carpenter ants in places where wood is found. Deadwood in a house, woodpiles, and tree stumps are such examples.


Two types of ant infestations that are commonly found are ants that are living outside but forage inside, and ants that live and forage inside. Your ant control plan should depend on the type of infestation and the species of ant. Knowing which type of ant you have is necessary, but may be challenging without the proper equipment and understanding. A magnifying glass is a very useful tool for inspecting ants and their paths.

Ants that live Outside of the home

Ants that exist outside will move into your residence to search for food. Any species, eventually, will live and nest inside houses. There are, however, steps that can be taken to prevent infestations; Caulk and fill cracks and holes to eliminate pathways inside the home. As ants are very good at finding entry points, one may not be able to close them all. Clean nearby door ends with a cleanser to remove biochemical trail pheromones. Next, spray (people/pet-friendly) ant poison around borders and entry points. The above steps can be very helpful in preventing ant infestations.

Below are some ant eradication instructions for inside the home which will also be helpful.

Ants that Exist Inside Your Home

Some ants do not just enter your place seeking food. Some ants build colonies inside. Indoor colony expansion happens year-round, particularly in temperate climates. Ant classes that exist in homes include Pharaoh Ants, Argentine Ants, Odorous House Ants, Pavement Ants, Carpenter Ants, Crazy Ants, and Thief Ants. Each of these ants may infest food items. Ant bait is a highly recommended method for managing ants. The chosen bait used should be safe to use near pets and children (please follow directions). Ant lures come in gels or granules. Active components in these lures may be sugar-based or protein/oil-based. These lures work very well at seducing a wide variety of ant species and also target their food needs as well.

Eliminating Ants- Rely on The Top Pest Control Company

When it comes to eliminating ants, you have to treat the entire colony. Rely on the professionals to help with your ant problem. If you need help keeping ants out, Give Beeline Pest Control a call today at (801) 544-9200.


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