5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Try DIY Bedbug Treatment

Does the thought of bedbugs give you nightmares? So what should you do when your worst fear becomes a reality? Bedbug infestations are a massive challenge that no homeowner wants to deal with, and in desperation to get rid of the pests as soon as possible, many people turn to DIY treatments, often with disastrous results. Despite the fact that many DIY décor projects and cold remedies often work, here are 5 reasons why you should never ever do-it-yourself when it comes to bedbug extermination.

  1. You’ll lose your beddings and property

Many unreliable sources will advise you that throwing away your beddings and buying new ones is a sure way of getting rid of bedbugs. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily true. First of all, many of your bedbug infested articles can be successfully treated and restored, hence you don’t have to incur the extra cost of buying new beddings. Secondly, if the main hiding place of the bedbugs is not properly identified and eradicated, then these pests will still invade your new beddings within a short time.

  1. Inappropriate chemical handling is extremely dangerous

Store-bought pesticides can have serious health effects if not handled properly. Only a professional can accurately diagnose the problem in order to develop an accurate treatment plan which includes the right type, frequency, and dosage of pesticides to be used. In addition, foggers can be extremely dangerous to use if you lack experience in pest control techniques. Improper handling can lead to fire or explosions.

  1. You might be having other pests

Often times, bedbugs can be confused with lice, ticks, mites and carpet beetles, each of which is dealt with differently. It is quite dangerous to assume that you’re dealing with bedbugs then discover later that they were ticks. This is because while bedbugs bite and immediately disengage, ticks will burrow into your skin and they can stay for several days, hence you might require medical assistance to disengage them.

  1. Space heaters are not effective

You may have heard that heat kills bedbugs. However, you need to realize that space heaters and ordinary home thermostats cannot generate the high temperatures (about 50 degrees Celsius) required to effectively eradicate all the bedbugs in your house. Simply consult Beehive Pest Control where you’ll get the finest exterminator Salt Lake City Utah professional services that are sure to solve your problem in an effective manner.

  1. Home freezing options often fail

You may have also heard that freezing temperatures kill bedbugs. However, in order for this method to be effective, the cold treatment needs to be sustained over a long time and the temperatures must be extremely low. Such precision is usually impossible to achieve without proper expertise and equipment. This, therefore, leads to disappointing results with DIY freezing.

So, in conclusion, if you are looking for professional bedbug exterminator services with excellent benefits, simply hire Beeline Pest Control today and we’ll save you the hassle of dangerous and ineffective DIY procedures.


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