Biting Back at Bedbugs: What You Can Do If you See Them.

Biting Back at Bedbugs: What You Can Do

There are some bugs that don’t like high elevations: pesky ones like cicadas and fleas come to mind; as well as sweet little friendly insects like fireflies. Unfortunately, bedbugs know no boundaries: in fact, the next biggest city east of Salt Lake — Denver — is the second most bedbug-ridden town in the entire country, right behind New York City. Whether you live Mile High or at sea level, your family is at risk. But fortunately you can bite back at these nasty little pests. Here are some sobering facts about bedbugs and how you can protect your loved ones.

A Few Interesting Facts

  • In New York City, verified infestations jumped from 82 to 4,084 in the last 5 years
  • 95% of U.S exterminators got calls about bedbugs in 2009
  • A homeless shelter in St George was infested with bedbugs in early 2010 and directors spent thousands of dollars trying to eradicate them
  • Bedbugs aren’t just for hotels: they travel on people’s clothing, so you can pick them up and bring them home without even knowing it
  • Bedbugs were all but eradicated in the 1950’s thanks to DDT. Once DDT was banned in the 1970’s, the bugs have been making a comeback ever since: big time!
  • A bug will feed on a human for an average of 10 minutes at one time
  • A female bedbug lives more than a year, drops eggs daily, and will produce 400 offspring during her lifetime.
  • Utah is not immune to bedbugs… we’ve got ’em too!

What You Can Do
Are you too grossed out to read on? Don’t be: this is important! Bedbugs are a blight, and they are nearly impossible to keep out, but there are things you can do to get rid of them if they make their way into your home.

  • Never buy a preowned mattress or bedding from a thrift store or garage sale. If you buy clothing at such a place, be sure to wash it thoroughly as soon as you get home.
  • Know what to look for: bedbugs are tiny and brown, and they only come out at night. Watch for them in bedding, under pillows, and around mattress areas. The bugs are hard to see, but their excrement is not: look for tiny dark excrement stains on sheets or in dark corners of rooms.
  • Bedbug bites leave red welts, often in one long line. These bites may cause an irritating itch or swell up and become extremely sore.
  • DO NOT WAIT! If you experience any of the above warning signs, contact an excellent and experienced Utah pest control specialist like Beeline Pest Control to help you get rid of them immediately before they have a chance to set up shop for good.

Bedbugs are a hot topic right now because their numbers are on the rise: but you don’t have to become a statistic! A pest control pro will explain your options and do everything possible to help your family sleep tight again (minus the bedbug bite)!


Did you know?

Beeline uses products that are approved by the EPA and rated for use in Hospitals, Day Care Centers, Restaurants and Veterinary Clinics.

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