A Guide to Identifying and Dealing with Bedbug Infestations.

Signs of Bedbugs

Signs of Bedbugs

While bedbugs are typically thought of as residing only in filthy homes, the truth is these pests can survive just as well in homes that are clean. Learn to identify the signs of bedbugs now to help identify if you are suffering from this problem. The sooner you start to deal with a bedbug problem, the easier it will be to remove these pests from the home, helping to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

 Bedbugs Habits

Bedbugs are small oval shaped brown bugs that require the blood of others to survive. Each of these bugs starts out small in size, making them hard to identify, but after they feed on blood they will grow significantly. While these bugs don’t have the ability to fly, they can move fast across the floor, ceiling, and walls of your home, making their way to the fabrics of your home, including beds, couches, and carpet. While bedbugs don’t transmit diseases, they are still large annoyances in the home, and can cause harm to your skin. Take the initial steps to identifying and ridding your home of bedbugs.


Finding the Bugs

The first step of getting rid of the bedbugs in your home is to identify their common hiding places. When you are traveling, be especially aware in hotels you are staying as these are common places where bedbugs end up because of the large volume of people coming through. They will latch onto clothing and luggage and anything else they can get ahold of. Because their bodies are able to flatten, they have the ability to fit in small spaces, giving them more access to your belongings. While they do live in groups, bedbugs don’t have a nest to go back to. Because of this you will need to notice them directly, or the fecal and blood remains that they leave.

The first place bedbugs will hide is within the box spring, mattress, headboard, and bed frame in your bedroom. By pulling up the mattress and looking beneath, you will sometimes be able to find these annoyances. Pull up the small flap in the mattress to look for signs of bedbugs hiding in these small spaces. Finding them early will help prevent them from spreading, which they will do once their numbers further increase.

Indicators Your Home is Infested


While bedbugs can seem frightening, it is pointless to panic about something that isn’t actually there. First look for the indicators of these pests, then look further to search them out. Some of the first signs of bedbugs include:

  • If you wake up in the morning feeling itchy, you should look further into the cause.
  • Blood stains on the sheets of your bed could indicate bedbug bites.
  • Excrement of bedbugs will create dark spots around your mattress and on the walls.
  • If you notice a musty odor that hasn’t previously been in your bedroom, it may be a result of the bedbugs.

As soon as you identify a bedbug infestation, take the steps to rid your home of this annoyance. By getting it taken care of sooner rather than later, you will have an easier time getting your home back to normal.


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