What Homeowners Should Understand About Dealing With Yellow Jackets

Finding a yellow jacket nest tucked away in the corner of a porch or hanging on an eave is not exactly a homeowner’s dream. Before running for the broom and taking a swing at the nest, there are some things that the homeowner needs to know about dealing with these kinds of wasps in Utah.

Where Can They Build a Nest?

During warm weather, yellow jackets are likely to build nests outdoors. Patios, porches, gazebos and even along roof lines are ideal spots. During the cooler months, the jackets are more likely to seek out areas that allow them to remain warm. If it’s possible to gain access to a crawl space or even a section of ductwork in the basement, the wasps will consider the location ideal. Many homeowners make it a point to have an exterminator treat the home as the weather begins to cool but before the first snowfall of the season. That helps to minimize the chances of having to deal with an active nest in those out-of-the-way places once the snow melts and warm weather returns.

Is There a Need to Spray in the Spring?

While that autumn treatment will serve the homeowner well during the winter months, having another visit by the exterminator in the spring is a smart move. The professional will pay close attention to areas of the home where the jackets are most likely to build nests. Some exterminators will take things one step further and administer treatments to bushes and trees that provide the ideal spot for a nest. This is especially important if the homeowner if this type of infestation is common in the area, and the yellow jackets tend to build nests in the same spots every year.

Seeking Treatment After a Sting

Even with regular yellow jacket pest control, there is some chance of encountering the pest and being stung. Everyone in the home can minimize the possibility of being stung by choosing to back away from any area where several jackets are buzzing around. If someone does get stung, there are several home remedies that can help ease the pain and swelling.

One approach is to create a paste using baking soda and a small amount of water. Apply the paste directly to the affected area. The baking soda helps to draw out some of the inflammation and eases the pain.

Another strategy is to apply cold to the area. If the jacket sting is on the hand, place some ice cubes in a bowl and add cool water. Immersing the hand in the bowl will help ease the pain and also reduce the swelling. If a bowl and ice is not practical, grab a bag of frozen vegetables from the freezer and place it directly on the site of the sting.

Many people swear by the ability of apple cider vinegar to alleviate the swelling and pain associated with a sting. Soak a cotton ball or a small cloth in the vinegar and apply it to the bite area for up to ten minutes. As with the ice, this treatment can be applied as often as necessary to ease the discomfort.

Allergic Reactions to Stings

Keep in mind that, while some people experience slight pain from a sting, others may have an allergic reaction. If there is an unusual amount of swelling or the individual has difficulty breathing, forget about home remedies. The only solution is to seek emergency medical help as quickly as possible. Many doctors and most emergency rooms are equipped with medication that will counteract the effects of the sting in a matter of minutes.

Remember that professional assistance with yellow jackets in Utah is a wise investment. An exterminator will know how to prevent the jackets from building nests in certain areas and has all the equipment to safely deal with an active nest. Make the call, then stay inside and watch as the pro takes care of the


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