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Advantages of Spring Pest Control

Posted by: Jaxon Larson On: 02/04/2021

Spring Time is Pest Control Time Many types of pest problems increase when it starts to warm up outside, either because those pests are breeding faster or waking up from dormancy. Now that we are seeing the first signs of spring here in Utah, you might be wondering when you will see spiders, wasps, ants, and mosquitoes invading your quiet […]

Importance of Preventative Spring Pest Control in Utah

Posted by: Jaxon Larson On: 01/06/2021

Why is spring pest control so important? As the winter weather loosens its grip, preventative spring pest control becomes extremely important. Being that springtime is just around the corner and this time of year brings warmer weather and blooming flowers. It also marks the return of our most common pests in Utah. Pests such as […]

When It Rains It Pours, and What That Means For Termites

Posted by: Jaxon Larson On: 09/30/2020

How does rain affect termites? Rain makes the surrounding environment hydrated and damper, which leads to easier living for termites. The rain is not a call to action for the termites but more of a window of opportunity. In this video that our Beeline Pest Control specialists captured you can see a colony of termites […]

When are scorpions most active?

Posted by: Jaxon Larson On: 09/18/2020

Scorpions activity in Utah There have been 9 species of scorpions identified to be inhabiting Utah.  Scorpions are arachnids, close relatives of ticks, mites and spiders. They are easily recognized by their characteristic shape. Scorpions prefer dry habitats but occur throughout Utah. They can be a nuisance when they interact with humans because they will […]

Learn about Mud Dauber Wasps in Utah

Posted by: Jaxon Larson On: 08/12/2020

Mud Dauber Wasps   Mud dauber is a common name for a wasp that constructs its nest of mud. There are many species of wasps referred to as mud daubers, such as Organ Pipe mud daubers, black-and-yellow mud daubers and blue mud daubers. Mud daubers are commonly found throughout the United States.   The female […]

Murder Hornets in Utah

Posted by: Chris Larson On: 07/15/2020

The recent news of the Asian Giant “Murder” Hornets in America has sent the internet buzzing in the recent few days. Two individuals of the world’s largest species of wasps were found in Washington state late last year. Scientists have since been trying to track these invasive wasps and eradicate them.

Why Have Rodent Removal St. George

Posted by: admin On: 02/19/2020

Whenever there is a change in the season in St. George, it is a good time to think about rodent pest control, or rodent removal St. George. Rodents will try to take refuge from the extreme temperatures. The Rodents native to St. George include deer mice, field mice, harvest mice, white-footed mice, and pack rats. Rodents are very intelligent and they can squeeze into the tiniest spaces. Rodent activity will increase as they look for food sources and shelter. Thus, rodent removal St. George will become more necessary in winter and summer.

Rodent Pest Control Utah

Posted by: admin On: 02/11/2020

Best Rodent Pest Control Utah
Some of the most common rodents in Utah are mice, rats, and voles. They can be a complete menace and are difficult to control. As a result on a daily basis, we help property owners with rodent pest control Utah.