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Murder Hornets in Utah

Posted by: Chris Larson On: 07/15/2020

The recent news of the Asian Giant “Murder” Hornets in America has sent the internet buzzing in the recent few days. Two individuals of the world’s largest species of wasps were found in Washington state late last year. Scientists have since been trying to track these invasive wasps and eradicate them.

Why Have Rodent Removal St. George

Posted by: admin On: 02/19/2020

Whenever there is a change in the season in St. George, it is a good time to think about rodent pest control, or rodent removal St. George. Rodents will try to take refuge from the extreme temperatures. The Rodents native to St. George include deer mice, field mice, harvest mice, white-footed mice, and pack rats. Rodents are very intelligent and they can squeeze into the tiniest spaces. Rodent activity will increase as they look for food sources and shelter. Thus, rodent removal St. George will become more necessary in winter and summer.

Rodent Pest Control Utah

Posted by: admin On: 02/11/2020

Best Rodent Pest Control Utah
Some of the most common rodents in Utah are mice, rats, and voles. They can be a complete menace and are difficult to control. As a result on a daily basis, we help property owners with rodent pest control Utah.  

Why Utah Spider Control Is Important

Posted by: admin On: 10/03/2019

Have you ever turned on the light and witnessed an 8-legged creature scurrying across the floor? Well if you live in Utah, the answer is probably yes. With the desert climate and rocky terrain, Utah is home to many different spiders. However, most of them are harmless but there is a handful of them that are dangerous. Whether the spider is dangerous or just plain creepy, finding the best Utah Spider control is the right step. 

Rats St. George

Posted by: admin On: 08/28/2019

With fall rapidly approaching and the cold weather on its way, it’s a good time to start thinking about Utah pest control. Especially our favorite pests, rodents. These include Field mice, deer mice, pack rats St. George, white-footed mice, and Eurasian Harvest mice. Rodents can be intelligent, able to crawl into the smallest crevice and they have strong sniffers. You will see an increase within rats St. George as they start looking for food and water sources, and shelter from extreme temperatures. 

Termite Damage and How to Prevent It

Posted by: admin On: 07/23/2019

What You Need to Know About Termites.
Termite damage in Utah is common. These insects can potentially be a serious problem. They seem to strike fear into homeowners bringing on visions of an insect army chewing down their walls and marching portions of their house away. This is enough to frighten anyone. What’s more, the insects are so small and hidden that they go unnoticed until permanent damage has already occurred. 

Top Reasons For Pest Control St. George

Posted by: admin On: 06/20/2019

St. George, UT is a great place to live and play! You have the warm climate year round and the breathtaking views of red rocks.  Not only are people attracted to the climate in St. George, but so are many insects and pests. The Utah desert seems to have a way of inviting insects into your home as they seek shelter from the sun.  These native insects including cockroaches, ants, spiders, and scorpions, These pests can take over your home and make your life miserable. You may want to consider relying on the best pest control St. George has to offer.  

Rely On A Top Utah Pest Control Company For Bed Bug Relief

Posted by: admin On: 03/07/2019

Spring is on the way and with spring comes the warmer weather. We all get excited to see the sun and feel the warmth on our skin. Just like us, the other inhabitants of our homes and yards come out of hiding. Insects that have been dormant all winter, are now becoming active and looking […]

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