Three Bug Facts You’ve Always Wondered About

The world of insects may be ugly and creepy, but it’s pretty fascinating, too! Here are three frequently asked bug questions and the answers to them:

  1. Why do moths fly to light? Moths’ movement toward light is known as positive phototaxis. What’s the purpose of phototaxis? The most popular theory has to do with migration: every year, many species of moth fly south for warmer climes, using the moon as their guide to get there and back. They may interpret electric lights as the moon, fly to them and – when they actually arrive – become confused and disoriented.
  2. Why do mosquito bites itch? Mosquitos actually don’t bite at all! They actually use their long, skinny proboscis to break the surface of your skin. Once they find blood, they inject some of their saliva into your skin, which acts as an anti-coagulant, meaning it keeps your blood flowing until the mosquito has drunk her fill. Your body senses the presence of the saliva and releases histamines to combat it. In the process, your blood vessels swell, become irritated, and start to itch.
  3. How do bugs survive in the winter? There are many winter survival techniques, depending on the insect species. Some, such as the monarch butterfly, head south in the winter. Often, insects will fly south in the winter, reproduce, then die, so that the insects who come back home in the spring are totally different than the ones that left in the winter! The favorite bug survival technique, however, is to winter over in unsuspecting humans’ homes. Before people were around, they probably hibernated in hollow logs and other tight spaces. In winter, bugs are most likely to be found in attics, wall voids, and other out-of-the-way places.

If bugs have made your home a winter getaway location, make sure to call the Utah pest control experts.


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