The Allure of Your Home: What Attracts Cockroaches

Why Cockroaches Love Your Home

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When most people think of cockroaches, excitement and love aren’t the feelings that form, opposite of that in fact. Cockroaches are able to survive 3 whole months without eating, although that entire time they are looking for places to hide and scavenge.

Cockroaches are mainly active during the night, but that does not mean you won’t find one scouring your house during the day. The most common two types of cockroaches in the U.S. are the American cockroach (reddish brown and have a yellowish margin on the body region behind the head) and the German cockroach (varies in color from tan to almost black), both varying in sizes from .28 inches all the way to over an inch long respectively.


So what about your house in particular has these pests as your new unwanted house guests?

You always hear that a clean house prevents cockroaches, but unfortunately that is not necessarily true. Cockroaches can sneak into your home in various ways, whether it’s in a box from the grocery store or even your pant leg that you haven’t noticed. They can also move over from a crowded neighbor’s house or a wood pile you may have in your backyard. Without you realizing, they have inhabited your home and started raising their very large families inside your walls. Unfortunately for us not only is all they require food, water, and shelter but they will eat almost anything. They are incredibly adaptable, whether or not there is an open buffet on your kitchen table, they will find something to munch on–soft wood, cardboard boxes and paper, and have even been known to eat hair. Continue reading for more details.

The Kitchen

The German cockroach in particular lives in large groups and particularly loves garbage, sweets, grease, and meat making them big fans of your kitchen. They will most likely be clustered in these dark places:

  • Inside the walls
  • Cupboards and cabinets
  • Under and behind the stove
  • Under and behind the dishwasher and/or sink
  • Under and behind the refrigerator

Not leaving dirty dishes out overnight, storing food in bug-proof containers, and emptying garbage cans frequently can greatly help keep these pests away.

The Bathroom

As if they weren’t creepy enough, cockroaches really love getting wet and being around water. Areas where pipes come into the home–walls, floors, and back of cabinets–are often appealingly damp. They continually release bits of warm condensation for the roaches to get their bodies into, such as:

  • Washers and dryers
  • Cabinets
  • Sink
  • Bathtub

Insulating and taping off gaps between the piping and walls, as well as cabinet backing, helps to keep these areas less dry and inviting. The bathtub may be harder to control since pipes confine with a faucet, and cockroaches have no problem climbing up into open faucets. For the cockroaches hiding in drawers, treat the areas before filling them because they can deposit bacteria on silverware and cooking utensils. Treat at regular intervals to control or even eliminate the problem.

The Living Room

As much as you love your comfortable furniture, a cockroach may share that same love with you. Their flat bodies make them prone to nestling into tight spaces where they can feel fabrics or other materials on their topsides and undersides, they enjoy our couches so much that they may lay eggs there. A hardened colony of eggs ready to hatch produces tens to thousands of young descendants.

  • Yellowed and whitish egg casings may also be under wood tables and chairs.

When bringing in new home furnishings make sure to inspect for pre-existing eggs or traveling varmints.

Anywhere with paper and cardboard

A few varieties of cockroaches are attracted to paper and cardboard because of the smell and texture. Not only do they roll around and feast on paper and cardboard, they also destroy them with oils and acids that break down fibers, leaving a very displeasing smell.

  • Stacks of cardboard is an almost ideal place for hiding, eating, and leaving trails of fecal matter or bacteria for cockroaches.

Sorting stacks of paper, keeping them in tightly sealed cabinets, and disposing cardboard outside of the home as soon as boxes are emptied (remember not too close to the home) can help keep these critters away.

Walls and Doors

As we’ve already established, tight and dark areas are a guaranteed hiding spot for a cockroach so inside the walls and beneath doors is heavenly for them.

  • Beneath the door and window trim
  • Corner crevices of walls

It’s important to check all places of woodwork or where trim and molding come together with the walls and floors, sealing up any of the cracks leaves the cockroaches fewer places to seek haven. Roach-killing powders mixed in solutions for washing floors and appliances can considerably help in most cases.

As we have now determined, cockroaches will take up occupancy practically anywhere and eat practically anything. Keeping your home clean is still key to keeping these and other pests away. Some additional tips we recommend is wiping down counters, sweeping and mopping regularly, and sealing trash properly–as well as taking it out on a regular basis.

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