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Nestled in the scenic Utah Valley surrounded by picturesque mountain vistas, the rapidly growing city of Eagle Mountain presents its own unique pest control challenges. At Beeline Pest Control, we have over 20 years of experience identifying and dealing with the insects, rodents and other pests common to this area.

Eagle Mountain Pest Control Services

From the rural horse ranches and older established homes to the new residential developments popping up, Eagle Mountain properties of all types face invasions from a variety of pests that thrive in the high desert climate.

Residential Pest Control

Ants are one of the biggest nuisances for Eagle Mountain homeowners, especially destructive carpenter ant species that can cause major structural damage by hollowing out wood framing and beams as they build their nests. The nearby Cedar Valley canyons and trails are home to stinging insects like wasps, bees and hornets that frequently build large nests around Eagle Mountain homes and yards.

Rodent pests are also a concern, with mice, rats, and even squirrels finding easy entry points and nesting spots in attics, basements, garages and yards. These rodents contaminate food sources and can spread diseases. 

Our comprehensive residential pest control treatments in Eagle Mountain utilize the latest targeted gel baits and insecticide treatments to effectively eliminate ant colonies at the source. We also safely remove and treat wasp, bee and hornet nests to get rid of stinging insect problems. For rodents, our technicians seal all entry points, remove food sources and set humane traps to capture and remove the pests. We also offer our pest control services in Pleasant Groove, Utah.

Commercial Pest Control

Eagle Mountain’s many warehouses and distribution centers located along the I-15 corridor face persistent problems with stored product pests like beetles, weevils and moths infesting inventory and contaminating goods. Restaurants must maintain stringent sanitation standards that cockroaches, flies and rodents can easily compromise if not properly managed.

For these commercial properties, we provide customized pest management solutions utilizing pheromone monitoring and insect light traps to detect activity, strict sanitation protocols to remove attractants, and targeted applications of low-toxicity insecticides and rodenticides as needed. Our commercial pest services ensure regulatory compliance, protect health/safety standards, and prevent costly product losses or damage.

Benefits of Working with Beeline

Beeline provides exceptional pest control with eco-friendly methods, reliable service, and guaranteed satisfaction. Customers praise their professionalism, effectiveness against various pests, and affordable pricing.

Local Expertise

Our team of technicians have extensive experience dealing with the unique pests and environmental conditions in the Eagle Mountain area. This in-depth local knowledge ensures accurate identification of the pest species and the most effective, efficient treatment plan for your specific situation.

Preventative Care Year-Round

In addition to eliminating current pest infestations, we work diligently to prevent future pest problems through our quarterly maintenance plans. Our technicians conduct regular inspections to identify potential entry points, nesting areas, moisture issues and other conducive conditions before they can lead to costly infestations. Preventative treatments are then applied targeting the specific pests common during each season in Eagle Mountain.

Prompt, Reliable Service

When pests invade your Eagle Mountain home or business, you need fast, reliable service to resolve the problem quickly. Our local technicians are available for prompt same or next-day appointments to get your pest situation under control as soon as possible.

Eco-Friendly Options

We understand many Eagle Mountain residents’ desire to protect the beautiful natural surroundings and maintain a healthy environment. That’s why we prioritize eco-friendly, low-impact products and methods whenever possible to provide a pest-free environment safe for families and pets. You can also take benefit from our pest control services in Sandy, Utah.

Don’t let pests ruin your enjoyment of the great Eagle Mountain lifestyle. As a local company, Beeline Pest Control has the experience and expertise to handle all of the unique pest issues faced in this area. Contact us today for an inspection and start experiencing a pest-free home or business tailored to Eagle Mountain’s needs.

Beeline Pest Control has served the state of Utah for over 25 years. Call now for your quick FREE quote.

Eagle Mountain’s planned development has created a family-friendly community with many outdoor amenities, an extensive trails system, and parks, including Pony Express Skate Park, and Mountain Ranch Bike Park, as well as open spaces.  Residents have access to commercial shops and services relatively close to their homes. This growing community has experienced extraordinary growth since its incorporation, and is now home to over 20,000 residents. With 21st-century technology and commerce in mind, city founders have organized broadband/fiber-optic Internet connections potentially for every home, invited industrial and commercial operations to the area, and developed an airport.



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Beeline uses products that are approved by the EPA and rated for use in Hospitals, Day Care Centers, Restaurants and Veterinary Clinics.

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I have had Beeline spraying my house for several years now. Adam is the best to work with. Very knowledgeable, thorough, respectful of my home and friendly. If you have any bug issues, I would highly recommend calling.

Camille Roop

Tanner is very efficient and pleasant to work with. He has treated our properties several times. We started using Beeline several years ago when we had an ant problem in our house. Since we started using Beeline, we don’t have that problem any longer.

Joe Hopper