4 Pests You Can’t Easily Kill With Store Bought Pesticides

4 Pests You Can’t Easily Kill With Store Bought Pesticides

“Hey, a roach! Let’s go get a can of good ol’ roach-killing pesticide at the local hardware store!”

Although our initial reaction the moment we see a pest lounging about in the comfort of our homes is this, it is not at all times the best solution. One cockroach sighting may probably be dismissible, like “maybe the wind blew it in” or “maybe it just grabbed hold of my shoe the moment I stepped into the house.” But hey, two or three more sightings could already mean an infestation. Failing to admit that is just plain denial.

Store-bought pesticides work great as an initial course of action. However, when nests have already grown too big to handle or migrated in different areas of the house, pesticides won’t even make the infestation budge an inch – especially when you’re dealing with these four:


Not only are they vicious but they’re also smart. Rats can be terrifying predators if given the chance – and numbers. They can grow larger than your domestic cat and more violent than your wildest dog – we’re just lucky they don’t have a clue of what damage they can inflict on humans. Their bites may cause you to get rabies, and their pee can infect you with leptospirosis. Let’s not even begin to talk about the havoc they wreak and general.

Rats adapt quickly, and they’ll do anything to survive. Good luck trying to eradicate them with pesticides.


If there’s one pest that’s always ready for battle, it’s the tick. And their name really suits them well – they have the uncanny ability to tick people off. Their hard exoskeleton protects them from external damage, and they’re smart enough to burrow in tall grasses to shield themselves from pesticide sprays. And did I mention that they feed on human and animal blood for nourishment? Ick!

If there’s one pest army you would detest having in your home, it would probably be ticked.


Kill one and they’ll grow a hundred back. Cockroaches breed so rapidly that by the time you notice them gracing your home, it would already be too late. They can live anywhere, eat anything, and lay eggs in whichever solid surface they find. Most pesticides are very effective in killing roaches. If anything, pesticides actually seem like they’re designed for just roaches!

However, one or two bottles won’t be enough to stop an entire infestation. By the time you buy more from the local store, they’ve probably grown their numbers back already.

Bees & Wasps

Bee stings hurt. So it’s only natural that you want to rid your homes of them whether they’ve decided to settle inside or outside your humble abode. More than just being painful, bee and wasp stings pose a perilous danger to people who are allergic to them. Bug sprays work when you use it up close. But bees and wasps like to build hives in different places and they’re very good at hiding it. If you try to get rid of them but fail in the process, you just made yourself a target for vengeful stings.

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