Why DIY Pest Control Can Be Dangerous? Be Careful

Why DIY Pest Control Can Be Dangerous? Be Careful

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Have you heard the story of the Detroit woman who, driven by the torment of bedbugs, set her apartment on fire? For almost a year, Sherry Young had lived in fear of these nasty things. With her patience running out, she took matters into her hands, despite anything she might have known about DIY pest control dangers.

In November 2015, Sherry was sleep-deprived and fed up with her predicament. In a fit of misery and despair, she set her place on fire— accidentally. She sprayed her house with alcohol, trying to kill the bugs, then turned up the oven and left it cracked. She slept in the car overnight as the temperatures rose in her apartment. The rest was history. Shortly after coming back, the heat ignited the alcohol.

DIY Pest Control

The flames engulfed the 48-unit apartment building. It took nine fire engines and 60 fire department personnel to contain the blaze. By the time it was over, the building complex was deemed a total loss.

Sherry narrated her desperation. She asked to be moved to another unit, but the management told her that there was none available. She tried using a steam machine on her sheets. The bed bugs would only go to the ceiling and drop down on her.

Taking two showers daily, Sherry felt like the bed bugs were clinging to her body every moment. Upon her neighbor’s advice, she decided to bring the heat to the bugs.

Theodore Reynolds, Sherry’s neighbor, backed up her story. He noticed how sleep-deprived and exhausted she looked. Theodore also related that he saw markings from bed bug bites on Sherry’s neck.

“She believed that she was under attack,” he added.

The Danger of DIY Pest Control

This story concretely demonstrates the danger of do-it-yourself bug or pest control. Many people take bug extermination into their hands, resorting to experimental or unusual methods that are highly dangerous.

Bed bugs, in particular, are the likely subject of a do-it-yourself bug extermination project. The reason behind this is primarily that we’ve had a resurgence of bed bugs in the US recently, including Utah. After a massive campaign against them in the mid-20th century, bed bugs were almost wiped out. However, bed bug infestations are becoming common once again.

With the rebound comes a proportionate increase in bug control costs. This has caused many homeowners to resort to dangerous techniques; DIY pest control dangers are wide-ranging, and most DIY approaches bring more harm than good. In many cases, homeowners would apply pesticides without thoroughly acquainting themselves of the perils arising from its use. Unfamiliar with chemical substances, many people get hurt or cause damage to their property, putting the health and well-being of their families at risk.

Misapplication can cause a fire because many insecticides are flammable. Do-it-yourself tips on how to eradicate bugs and pests abound on the internet, but the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warns homeowners of this quick-fix, inexpensive option. Not only are DIY pest control methods often dangerous (do-it-yourself methods), and sometimes horribly so, but they also are not likely to produce effective results. This is why one should contact professionals.

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