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Summer Pests to Look Out For

Take care of those summer pests

Summer is a great season for outdoor activities, but people aren’t the only ones who become more active in this season. You’ll find that there are also many pests that pop up in summer and begin causing trouble for homeowners. These are common bothers; here are a few summer pests to look out for, as well as some smart strategies to keep them under control.


Flies are a near-universal summer nuisance. The best way to prevent flies is to keep your trash in a covered container and make sure there aren’t any sweet spills that are attracting them to your home. If you want to catch them, use their love of sweetness as a weapon. Place fruit, honey, or sugar in a cup, then cover the top with a funnel. Flies can get in but won’t easily find the opening to get out.


Ants thrive during the summer months and can become a nuisance when they emerge through cracks in the house. Warm-weather ants are usually after grease and sugar; keep these types of foods sealed to prevent an infestation. If you still get ants in your home, set a few traps. These may take a while to work because the ants need to take the poison back home, but they will kill the infestation in time.


Mosquitos are most common at dawn and dusk, so you should focus your prevention activities on these times, turning to repellents like sprays, wristbands, lights, and candles. Even a well-placed fan can do wonders against flighty mosquitos, which can’t fly against the air current.


If you spend a lot of time hiking or walking trails in the summer, you’re probably familiar with the ever-present threat of ticks, which will attach themselves to your skin and make a feast of your blood if you let them. Ticks can transmit Lyme disease and even Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The best option is to avoid ticks altogether by steering clear of areas that are known to be infested, covering your legs while you hike. If you find a tick on your skin, remove it with tweezers and disinfect the bite with rubbing alcohol.


Fleas are a summer nuisance that affects pets more than it does people. Protect your home by making sure that your cats and dogs are on flea medication throughout the year. This way, any flea that bites them will die, and you’ll avoid having to deal with a full-blown infestation.


Bees are necessary for a healthy ecosystem, so you should approach any problem with care. Don’t simply kill bees that have made a home too close to your own. Instead, contact a local apiary to get information on safely removing the hive. A professional can help you relocate your bees instead of killing them.



If you’re spotting a lot of wasps around your home, they’re probably building a nest nearby. Wasps typically build nests under eaves, though you may also find them in trees or attached to exterior features of your home. You can spray the nest to kill the wasps but should do so at night, when they’re less active. Maintain your distance so you don’t get stung.

 June Bugs

June bugs aren’t harmful, but they’re a common bother in the summer. They flock to lights, so you’ll typically notice them at night. Screens will keep them out of the house. If you want to get them out of your yard entirely, you’ll need an insecticide.

Are you struggling with summer pests? So many culprits can infest your home during the warm season. If you have unwanted visitors, contact Beeline Pest Control at (801) 544-9200. We can help you take control of your home and eliminate those summer pests.


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