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Things to Look for When Buying a Home



Buying a new home can be an exciting, overwhelming, and frightening experience all in one. While you are generally looking for the features you want most in a home, it is important to also know what problems to look for, and how to avoid these. This becomes especially important when investing in an older home. Make sure you don’t walk into a bad situation, ensuring your home buying experience will be a positive one.


Lead Paint


Before the dangers of lead were discovered, lead paint was commonly used inside the home. It wasn’t until 1978 that lead paint was banned from use. If your home was built any time before this, there may be a possibility of lead paint inside. While it is important to check, don’t panic. Even before this ban home builders were realizing the dangerous effect of lead, leading them to use other materials.


Inefficient Windows


An alarming amount of energy is lost through inefficient windows during the heat of summer and the cold winter months. The efficiency of window design has changed greatly over the years, leading to some important advances. Most older windows are single-pane, leading to lower efficiency and a higher potential to damage. While this isn’t necessarily a reason not to purchase a home, it is something to take into account beforehand.


Structural Problems


The foundation of a home can be damaged over time. It is something that you should cautiously examine beforehand and talk with the inspector to ensure the problems here aren’t too severe. Improving the foundation can be a costly expense, one that cannot be ignored once the problem begins to take shape.


Bug Problems


Infestations are difficult to deal with, and will become your responsibility once you become the homeowner. Learn to recognize the signs of an infestation to prevent it from overrunning your life. There are a few bugs that are most deadly to have in your home including termites and bed bugs. It is estimated that termites will cause about $5 billion worth of damage to properties every year. Look for leaks and other wood problems before committing to a home. These problems may be indicative of deeper issues hiding just under the surface.

Although it can seem scary, buying a new home is an exciting step. Be sure you know the signs to look for indicating deeper problems. These will be crucial to you as you take the home buying journey, ensuring you will not get yourself into a bad situation.


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