5 Pest Control Tips for Commercial Buildings

5 Pest Control Tips for Commercial Buildings

As a small business owner, your office is a reflection of you as well as your company. The last thing you want visiting guests to believe is that you’re a small time operation working in a cockroach-infested building. It fosters a perception that your entire operation is substandard. That’s why you have to keep your office clean.

Here are five pest control tips for commercial buildings.

Don’t Be Trashy

One of the most attractive things to bugs is garbage. Your trash is their dinner. When employees throw away leftover components of their meals and snacks, the food doesn’t magically vanish. Anything in a trash can is fair game to pests. Even worse, the tiny crumbs humans consider insignificant are more than enough to feed a swarm of insects. Empty the trash consistently, making sure to take it outside the building and not leaving it out in the open where it will attract bugs.

Dumpster Diving

Now consider the dumpster outside your building. It’s likely right by the door, or next to the building, meaning that anything attracted to the dumpster is only a tiny distance away from coming inside. Businesses that fail to keep their dumpster clean are welcoming pests into the office.

From the bug’s perspective, you’re offering it food and an entrance to the place where more food resides. They can smell that. It’s imperative that you pay a service to empty your dumpster consistently. Determine the service schedule by researching how quickly your exterior garbage attracts pests.

Dry Equals Clean

As a business owner, you shouldn’t want wet spots in your office. These slippery areas are a danger to your employees as well as visitors. When they step in a wet spot, they’re likely to slide, possibly falling and injuring themselves in the process.

Notably, bugs are another concern. When you have standing water in and around your commercial building, you’re attracting multiple kinds of pests. Rodents such as rats and mice need a drinking supply just as humans do. Nothing says rundown office building like the presence of rats, so that’s reason enough to curtail such behavior.

The added concern is that water causes mold. Mold is the ultimate breeding ground for bugs and rodents. To avoid it, get in the habit of mopping the office often, especially when a spill occurs. Water issues in the office will attract many other pests. Almost all of them are small enough in size that they’ll be difficult to remove once they nest in the building.

Sanitize for Your Sanity

One of the primary reasons pests get in the office and nest there is that they’re attracted to fragrant smells. Many of these are sugary. The reason they’re so enticing to bugs is that the creatures instinctively follow scents of ready food sources. Most of them have the sweet smell of sucrose.

How does that affect your office? If your vending machine has a leaky line, bugs will crawl to the source. That’s the walls surrounding your coke dispenser, coffee machine, refrigerator, or the like. Should you fail to sanitize these items in your office, you’ll quickly discover pests in the walls.

Call for Help

There’s a good chance that you’ve already experienced issues with pests in the office. Anyone suffering from an infestation will need more than the tips above to help. It’s already too late. Instead, you should call an expert to come in and save the day. If bugs are in your walls, your garbage, and your dumpster, you need help. Call Beeline Pest Control at 801-544-9200 to eliminate your pest problems. They’ll make your office clean and bug-free. Then, you can follow the tips above to keep it that way.


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