How to Prevent Bugs From Entering Your Home.

How to Prevent Bugs From Entering Your Home


Investing a little time in bug proofing your home will help cut down on housekeeping tasks and reduce your chances of a major bug infestation. A couple goals to keep in mind are to keep bugs from entering your home and to make your home as inhospitable as possible to the few that make it in.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed as Much as Possible

Open doors and windows are the easiest ways for bugs to enter your home. Once in, they’ll feed and breed and before you know it you’ll have a slew of unwanted pests in your home.

Sweep and Vacuum Frequently

Bugs love crumbs. Where there’s food and water, you’ll find bugs that want to live there. Do all you can to keep your kitchen clean, wipe up crumbs, clean up spills right away, don’t leave dishes overnight, and take out the trash frequently. Keep the counters free of food, including fruit. The main key is to keep food away.

Install Screens on Windows and Doors and Check for Holes

Place screens on any opening that connects between the inside and outside of the house like windows, gas lines and laundry vents. Use a fine mesh screen to prevent even the smallest of insects from entering your home. You might also want to crevices on the outside of your home with caulk.

Pesticides and Pads

Place insect and rodent sticky pads in the areas that are prone to allowing insects indoors. Spray pesticides around your home and prune trees and shrubs. Overgrown vegetation around your home can attract and house several bugs and lead to an infestation. So keep your shrubs pruned and spray a pesticide around the perimeter of your home and around windows.

In the event that a bug or two turns into a blown out infestation check out our residential services.


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