Do You Have Mice In Your Home? 5 Signs That Show If You Do

Do You Have Mice In Your Home? 5 Signs That Show If You Do!

You may be living in your home for a very long time with an unwanted roommate that does not pay rent, has four legs, and messes up everything. Hint: The roommate also runs very fast and has a deadly fear of cats. As you might have guessed, your roommate is a mouse or rather, mice, because they love living in groups. These rodents are awful when they take up residence in your house, they mess up everything, they usually poop everywhere, they spread harmful diseases, and at night they make scratching noises that ruin a good sleep. Their favorite hiding places are the kitchen, attic, basement, and other dark and cluttered places. Do you have mice in your Utah home? Here are some few signs.

They Poop Everywhere

This is the first sign of a mice infestation as they do not care where they poop. Mice leave their droppings everywhere around the house, which are tiny black drops that resemble a broken pencil tip. These are quite visible and are the first sign of a mice infestation.

Chewed Up Stuff

Mice can eat anything, really. They eat papers, furniture, wires, clothes, your food, and will even eat a bar of soap. They hardly have the capacity to eat everything entirely so they just take a bite out of things at the edges. Look out for rough chewed up edges on your stuff to detect mice infestation.

Mouse Holes

Mice carve out their rooms in your house at dark and desolate places like behind a cabinet, behind the refrigerator, or behind a couch. These holes are where they retire after a day of searching food and dropping their feces everywhere. Look for holes in dark places and have them closed up, and make a habit of cleaning narrow crevices around your house.

Pungent Odor

Mice smell, and it is quite distinct (similar to urine) and perceivable. Once you notice the air smells funny and different, or a particular area smells weird, chances are that you have a mouse hole nearby. Sniff out these distinct smells and do not just write them off as temporary. Take action as early as possible.

Noise At Night

Mice are very wise and know that the best time to strike is at night when everywhere turns dark and quiet. As stealthy as their actions may be, they are usually accompanied by strange repeated sounds. These sounds range from scratching sounds to the sounds of dishes falling in the kitchen. When you hear anything unusual, especially at night, prepare to take swift action.

These are just a few of the most notable signs of mice infestation in your house. Once you detect any one of these signs, you should take prompt action. Get holes filled up and areas cleared, but most importantly, contact an expert to get rid of mice. You should also take proactive measures like disposing of food well, routine cleaning, de-cluttering mess. These tips will help you live without unwanted roommates which are mice!

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