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As the days get shorter and the nights come earlier, temperatures can drop a bit faster and stay longer. Cooler evenings can take its toll on everyone, including the animals. Among the affected animals are mice.

These tiny creatures are sensitive to the cold. Among the creatures of the outdoors, mice need warmth the most, given their small, delicate bodies. That is why they will try to get indoors. As the chilly season arrives, you can expect mice to begin their search for the warmth of the indoors and their exodus away from the cold outdoors.


Mice and Rats

With the dawn of cold weather, mice and rats will start to invade your home. There are two main reasons why they do this; first, your home offers the warmth that they need during wintertime, and second, your home is a place where they can get food.

Unfortunately, sharing your home with mice and rats is not only a nuisance but also a health hazard. You have probably heard of stories of people getting sick because of rats. It is not really because of rats per se; it is because they are carriers of bacteria that cause diseases.

Did you know rats and mice could activate or aggravate asthma or allergies in children? These are just some of the health problems that these rodents cause to the inhabitants of the house.

It is not just the cold weather that pushes mice and rats indoors. When the conditions outdoors are undesirable for them, they will try to seek shelter in homes. However, homeowners tend to notice their exodus only during the onset of the cooler temperatures. However, unknown to us, mice will seek out our homes when they sense that there is an abundance of food. When given access to unsecured food bits or even trash, mice and rats will exploit that opportunity.

And to our disadvantage, mice and rats don’t require much space to gain entry into our homes. A small crack under the door, a crevice on the wall, or an open vent near the ceiling is all it takes for them to get inside. The tiny bodies of mice can even squeeze through a hole that is a size of a dime; rats need an entry space that’s the size of a quarter.

Consequences of a Mice or Rat Entry

Children are at a higher risk for health problems when mice and rats get inside the home. Given their lower tolerance for harmful bacteria that triggers a variety of disorders, adults with a weaker immune system are also at a disadvantage.

These rodents carry many germs that cause diseases. Among the viruses and diseases commonly spread by mice and rats are salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, and Hantavirus. Their feces and dander can also activate allergy symptoms.

Signs of Mice or Rat Infestation

You can easily tell if your home is infested with rats or mice. Simply move the furniture and look under the cabinets, tables, and chairs for their droppings. If you notice tiny holes in your clothes that resemble bite or chew marks, that is a telltale sign of rodent presence. Besides, rat or mice urine and feces can also leave a distinct smell.

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