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Mice Pest Control Services in Utah


Can you tell if you have mice in your home? There are 4 common telltale signs of mice presence. The foremost indicator is mouse droppings. These may appear as black or brown granules that look like grains of rice. Gnaw marks are also another common sign. Mice chew on wood, drywall, and, in some cases, on electrical wires.

Mice love to create their home. Mouse nests are the third most common sign of mice infestation. These nests are usually made of paper, cardboard, or any miscellaneous materials. If you hear sounds in the walls or the ceilings, you probably have mice in the house. Those squeaking sounds or the scurrying noise are the fourth common indicator of mice presence.

Think you have these creatures in your home? Contact the mice pest control professionals. For high-quality mice pest control in Utah, get in touch with Beeline Pest Control.

How Do Mice Gain Entry Into Your Home?

How do mice populations develop in homes? Have you ever wondered how do mice get inside your house? Knowing how they manage to get in is crucial to suppressing their infestation or, at least, controlling their number.

An infestation may start when a single mouse accidentally finds itself in luggage, kit, or belongings and is transported. This is an opportunity for the mouse to get inside the house. Mice can also find their way into the house and mark the territory with pheromones so they can find their way back in. Should their trail be blocked, they will create a new footpath. They may gnaw and chew their way in. Once they gain entry, population centers may be developed where they reproduce.

Health Risks of Having Mice in the House

Having a mouse in the house can expose you and your family to various diseases. A known carrier of disease-causing bacteria, mice should be expelled from your home.

Lyme disease is transmitted by the ticks that can be found in mice. This condition causes skin lesions, headaches, fever, and more. Salmonella can also be transmitted to humans and cause intestinal disorders; this usually happens when human food is exposed to mice’s bodily waste.

Hantavirus is another commonly transmitted disease-causing microorganism that causes respiratory distress and renal failure. If left unattended, the condition can be fatal. This virus can be found in the feces, urine, or other body fluids of mice.mouse

Have you ever been bitten by a rat? Rat-bite fever is a likely consequence for people who have experienced rat bites. Despite its name, this type of fever can also be caused by mice. In addition to a rise in temperature, there can also be rashes and vomiting. Heard of leptospirosis? It’s transmitted by mice’s urine and can cause diarrhea, jaundice, muscle aches, and high fever.

Got Mice?

Do you have mice in your home? Save yourself and your family from these health problems. If you have these critters in your house, contact the professionals. When it comes to high-quality mice pest control in Utah, look to Beeline Pest Control.

At Beeline Pest Control, we offer a broad range of services. We take pride in bringing comprehensive and highly effective solutions to get rid of these unwanted intruders in your home. Make us your number one choice when it comes to mice pest control in Utah.

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