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Signs of Rodent Problems

A rodent infestation is not something to be taken lightly. While mice and rats are experts when it comes to hiding from detection, there are certain signs that can be discovered when looked for. Learn to recognize the signs of rodent problems and take the steps to eliminate them from your home.




Rodents are primarily nocturnal choosing to venture out once the rest of the house has gone to bed. Because of this one of the most common ways a rodent infestation is identified is by the droppings they leave. Rodents tend to spend most of their time near sources of food and water, leaving these droppings close to these areas. If you find rodent droppings in your home, examine them further. If they are dry, it is likely they have been their longer. Softer and darker droppings indicate the rodent has recently been inside your home.


Seeing and Hearing


As previously mentioned rodents are most often active at night. This is the time where you might have the opportunity to see or hear these pests. If you have a suspicion that rodents are living within your home, the best thing to do is take a flashlight along cabinets, rafters, storage areas, and bathrooms. In addition to this you may hear gnawing sounds if you sit quiet long enough during the night. Recognize what these are and rid your home of rodents as quickly as possible.




If you find runways, it is more likely that you have a rat infestation rather than a mouse infestation. Rats most often choose to stay close to their nests, thus building them close to food sources. When they do move, they will travel on the same path, creating runways. Runways created outside are easier to identify than those that are indoors. When outside the runways will begin to wear into the path, clearing any debris and even ruining a section of grass. Indoors these are much more difficult to look for, but may be found from a lack of dust along the edges of the walls where everywhere else in the home has this debris along the edges. In addition to this slight greasy marks may be created along the walls where they walk, giving away their path.

If you have a suspicion of a rodent infestation, start looking for the identifying signs now. Don’t let them reside in peace, find their signs and start taking the steps to eliminate them from your home. There are different techniques for removing the rodents from your home, address these with professional residential exterminators for the best results.


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