Why Rats Shouldn't Be Welcome In Your Home?

Why Rats Shouldn’t Be Welcome In Your Home?

Rats – yikes! Just having to write about them literally makes my skin crawl. But you know what they say, one must first face their fears in order to overcome them! Writing about rats is one type of horror. The other type – and by far the most gruesome one – is having to live with them. And, if you’re someone who knows exactly how the latter kind feels like, then this article is just the thing for you.

House rats, are far from the cute, little scurries we keep as pets. They’re violent, vicious, and hazardous. Although I, myself, am trying to see rats in a different light, the damage they cause is simply far from forgivable. They eat anything they can find, and destroy everything else they can’t eat. They are willing to go through extreme measures just to survive – even if it means chipping their way through concrete, wood, leather, and fabric. They simply have no condoning aspect to them – like how spiders can be dismissed because they get rid of smaller insects or how bees can help your garden flowers reproduce. Rats, don’t do anything but destroy. Thus, they are considered as one of the peskiest pests that can grace your home at any time.

“But Stuart seems like a friendly rat.”

First of all, Stuart is a mouse not a rat – there’s a difference. Second of all, Stuart is a work of fiction and not a crazy-looking rodent that runs around the house looking for anything to scavenge. Kidding aside, here are 4 convincing reasons why now is the time to call in the rat pros and say ta-ta to your rodent problem:

Rats Breed Babies With Rabies

Rats proliferate fast and their newborn babies are also quick to go hungry. So what do you think a rat family will do when they feel famished? They go on a rampage in your kitchen. Mind you, rats are hungry almost all the time. And they can get violent. A rat’s bite has been culprit to many rabies cases. Do you really want more of these hazard-bearing rodents running around your house?

You Risk Food & Water Contamination

If there’s one thing you wouldn’t want to share your food within this world, it would be rats. Not because you want to hog all the goods for yourself but because doing so would put you and your family in danger. You can try to store your food supplies in kitchen drawers and cabinets but rats are infamous for eating and destroying anything that blocks their way from food.

The Perilous Pee

Rat pee is more dangerous than you know. It can cause leptospirosis, a dreaded bacterial disease that has victimized many unknowing individuals. Having an open wound and accidentally stepping or touching a body of water that is contaminated with rat pee is all it takes to get infected.

They Trash & Thrash

Rats smell and they don’t really know the concept of “clean as you go.” Your entire house becomes a gigantic bathroom, and your floors, sofas, and carpets become places they can soil. They also like to mess things around – a lot. Destroying things is a sport they remain unrivaled at. Whether you let them play or make them go away – it’s really up to you.


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