Salt Lake City Pest Control Companies Promote Insect Bite First Aid

There are approximately 6 billion humans in the world and up to 100 million species of insects sharing it with them. A considerable number of these species have bites and stings that could prove harmful (if not fatal) to humans, and that alone justifies seeking the aid of Salt Lake City pest control companies. In the meantime, an article on discusses proper first aid for allergic and non-allergenic people who’ve been stung:

“If the person does not have severe allergy symptoms:
1. Remove the Stinger

  • Scrape the area with a fingernail or use tweezers to remove it.
  • Don’t pinch the stinger — that can inject more venom.

2. Control Swelling

  • Ice the area.
  • If you were stung on your arm or leg, elevate it.
  • Remove any tight-fitting jewelry from the area of the sting. As it swells, rings or bracelets might be difficult to remove.

Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen are recommended for pain relief, as well as antihistamines to counter itchiness. It may take almost a week for the affected area to recover, so remember to clean it regularly to prevent infection. If the victim has a history of severe allergic reactions to insect stings, however, treatment becomes more urgent.

insect sting allergy treatmentStart by calling 911, whether or not the victim is showing symptoms like dizzines, a rapid heartbeat, or nausea. If available, inject him or her with epinephrine via the thigh’s outer muscle and be ready to rush him to the emergency room afterward, regardless of improvement or not. If the victim passes out, you may have to administer CPR.

In the end, remember that the old saying about prevention being better than a pound of cure will hold true. Get in touch with Salt Lake City pest control services like Beeline Pest Control to keep your property free of such dangerous insects, and you and your loved ones will able to live life to the fullest.

(Article and Image Excerpt from Insect Allergy Treatment,, undated)