Dangerous House Spiders

Spiders in Utah are some of the most feared pests all around. While there are some that can be a positive influence on your home and yard, others are potentially dangerous. In Utah there are a few spiders that can be dangerous, or even deadly. Become familiar with the look of these spiders, the problems they can cause, and the best means of removing them from your home.


Black Widow


The black widow is probably one of the most well known spiders in Utah. This is not only because of the potential harm it can cause, but by their easy to identify red hourglass mark on the stomach. The female spiders will have this marking against their shiny black body while males are more often gray with a yellow or white hourglass. Across the United States the black widow is one of the most common spiders. These pests will make their homes in woodpiles, sheds, and garages. Watch out for the bright females, as they are much more dangerous and aggressive than the males.


Brown Recluse


While the brown recluse is not as common in Utah as it is in the Midwest, there are still enough to raise awareness. These spiders come in a range of browns, including the marking shaped as a violin on their back. You probably don’t want to get close enough to see, but the brown recluse can also be identified by their six eyes instead of the normal eight for spiders. The brown recluse is able to easily hide behind baseboards, under dressers, inside garages, and everywhere in between. It seems this spider prefers to hide rather than attack but if you are bitten seek medical attention.


Hobo Spider


The hobo spider is not as venomous as the previous two spiders, but its bite is still painful. It can be anywhere between brown to dark orange in color. These pests will have pale marks across their fronts. If you can’t identify the spider by its look, you will be able to identify by its unique funnel shaped web. These spiders will hide in places that are often left alone including attics and storage areas. Originating in Europe, these spiders made their way to the United States sometime in the 1930s, and mostly reside in the western half of the country.

Become familiar with the spiders in your area, with their look, their habits, their web shape, and the dangers of their bite. If you notice any of these dangerous spiders on your property there could be more. Call the pest control company to remove these dangerous critters from your home and yard.


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