What Dangerous Spiders Are In Utah? Be In The Know.

Hobo Spider

We have all been there, the moment you jump as you turn on the light to see a spider scurry across the floor. It’s safe to say not a single home is completely free of spiders. Even if you haven’t seen one hiding in the corner or clinging to the ceiling of your home, you can be assured they’re living among you. As the weather turns cold you will see more spiders entering your home on a regular basis. Typically seeing one spider scurrying across the floor isn’t enough reason to seek spider control services. Although, if this becomes a routine event, you may want to call a professional. Most of the varieties of spiders found in Utah are harmless but some can make your home a dangerous place. Here are the four most common spiders in Utah to watch out for and where to find them:


Black Widow


The Black Widow spider is a common spider in Utah and throughout all of North America. It is important to realize that the Black Widow is classified as one of the most dangerous species in Utah. The signature look of the mature female Black Widow is the very distinctive hourglass mark under the abdomen and a black shiny coat. Black widows can appear lighter, or duller in color before maturity and the males may lack the red marking.

These spiders usually live in areas that are undisturbed. Some of these areas include rocks, piles of wood, on or inside fences, and gaps in buildings or homes where debris has fallen. If bit by a Black Widow, there is a chance you may just feel a little pain and some swelling. In some cases, the reaction can be life-threatening. The symptoms of a bite include high blood pressure, vomiting, confusion, muscle spasms, shock and other serious conditions. Get medical help immediately if you think you may have been bitten by a Black Widow Spider.


Brown Recluse


The Brown recluse spider is usually light to medium brown in color, and can also range in color from white to a dark grey. Brown recluse spiders typically range between .24 and 0.79 inches in length, or larger. The Brown Recluse spider is most known by the near-shape of a violin along its neck and back.

The Brown Recluse spider can be found all across Utah, although typically it is a more common spider in Southern Utah. It’s important to realize that this spider prefers very dry areas with high temperatures. Brown Recluse spiders thrive in desert environments. A bite from a Brown Recluse spider can result in skin lesions and infections. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.


Hobo Spider


The Hobo Spider is a common spider in Utah as well as the Northwest part of the United States. It is known to be one of the hardest spiders to identify but has some unique characteristics. That being said, this spider has a chevron pattern down the middle of the abdomen, with the V-shapes directed to the head. In addition, they also have a very light stripe running down the middle of the chest. They vary in color but are typically light tan to light brown in color, and sometimes darker. The Hobo spider builds their funnel-shaped webs close to the ground since they are not great climbers.

A Hobo Spider bite can cause necrosis, where the skin around the bite begins to die. You may feel numbness at the bite site or the tongue within 15 minutes and feel dizzy.  Blistering and discharge of fluids within 24 hours. This spider is extremely fast and once the spider bite occurs, people rarely see or catch them. If you think you may have been bitten by one, seek medical attention immediately.


Wolf Spider


The Wolf spider is a very common spider in the United States and even more common in Utah. Due to the large size of the Wolf spider, many people are fearful of them. Some of these species can even grow up to two inches. These spiders are covered in splotchy stripes, orange-brown and sometimes gray, even black in color and hairy in texture. The Wolf spider is currently identified as the most dangerous spider in Utah, even though their bite is not always harmful.

These spiders are hunters and like the wolf, they stalk and attack their prey by pouncing.  You will most likely find Wolf spiders on the ground in grassy areas. Even though their bite is not lethal, it can be very painful. As most spider bites can cause allergic reactions, some people can be allergic to a Wolf spider bite. You should seek medical attention right away if you think there is a chance you’ve been bitten by a Wolf spider.

Not only are these spiders creepy, but they can also pose a large problem for residents who are allergic to spider venom. If your house is being taken over by spiders, Beeline Pest Control in Salt Lake City can help. Give us a call today for all your spider control needs at  (801) 544-9200. We’ll help you take back your home!



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