Don't Let Utah’s Spiders Hide in Your Home this Winter

Don’t Let Utah’s Most Deadly Spiders Hide in Your Home this Winter

Spiders in Utah are notorious for hiding out in homes during the long winter months. I mean, they too need a warm room with dependable food storage. But, do you really want them sharing a bed with you? Probably not. Although spiders are unpleasant to look at, most are harmless. Even if they do bite the result is only a small and itchy swollen bump on your skin. However, some spiders have a deadly bite and can be extremely aggressive—which is a combination to be concerned about. Keep your eye out for Utah’s most poisonous spiders this winter:

Utah’s Most Dangerous Spiders
Black Widow: the Black Widow is known for devouring its partner after mating and for the red markings on its underbelly. Its venom is considered to be more deadly than a rattlesnake’s and can cause muscle aches, nausea, and short term paralysis. Generally, these spider bites cause no serious damage to most people. However, bites can be particularly fatal to small children and the elderly. They can be found in houses, yards, and garages and nearby fields throughout Utah.

Brown Recluse: if there is any other spider in the world that terrifies me it’s the Brown Recluse. These spiders typically hide out in houses and bite when people are sleeping. Their bites can turn from a painful red bump to a severe disintegration of the skin right down to the bone within 5 days. The majority of brown recluse spider bites don’t result in severe symptoms, but because they can turn so quickly for the worse it’s worth checking out pictures online to know what this spider looks like.

Hobo Spider: Hobo spiders are far less interesting than the Black Widow and Brown Recluse because the Hobo doesn’t eat their mates and they don’t have skin eating venom. Typically they are found in houses or barns, only attack if their egg sac is being threatened, create funnel webs to catch their prey and their venom can cause considerable pain which will fade in a couple of days.

How to Protect Your Home from Deadly Spiders
Again, most North American spiders are not dangerous and usually won’t bite unless they are provoked. However, if you’re not familiar with what the Black Widow, Brown Recluse, and Hobo Spider look like I would suggest doing some investigating. Go to Google Images and type in each of these spiders to get a better look. In order to adequately protect your family and even your pets don’t wait for a large spider invasion or a painful bite to secure your home. Contact Beeline Pest Control for all your Utah pest control needs!


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