Pest of the Month: Spiders


Our Beeline Pest Control bug of the month for November is the spider. Contrary to what some may think, spiders are not just a problem during Utah summers. Once the weather turns cold these pests will make their way indoors, looking for protection from the elements. Take a look at some of the habits of spiders in Utah, and how to eliminate these creepy crawlers from your home. Having the right spider pest control will help you be successful.

Dangerous Spider Venom

 There is only one family of spider that has venom, and that is the family Uloboridae. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all spiders are a potential threat to humans, in fact for most spiders in our area the venom they hold is not nearly enough to do any level of damage to a person. Rather this venom is used to control their prey. When the spider bites its prey, muscles near the venom glands push the venom through here into the fangs, effectively paralyzing them.

Not Every Spider Spins a Web

While you may think that the easiest way to identify a spider infestation in your home is by finding the web, not every spider will spin a web. In fact, even though they can produce silk, some never bother making a web. The wolf spider instead chooses to stalk their prey, finding more success without this extra help.

Silk to Protect Eggs

A female spider will place her eggs into a bed of silk for extra protection. She will cover these with more silk to create an egg sac. These will vary depending on the species of spider that made them and can range from thick material to a thin covering. In some cases, this sac is used as camouflage to better protect the eggs from damage.

Preventing Entrance With Spider Pest Control

As we previously mentioned, spiders aren’t just a problem during the summer months. While you might not see them outside as much when the weather turns colder, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still there. Keep these pests clear from your home with these tips:

  • clean up – make sure that you remove any spider webs you see and clean up basement rooms of unwanted junk that may be forgotten. These areas are a favorite for spiders to hide out.
  • traps – if you find an area with a large number of spiders, put sticky traps or other tools for catching spiders here. Stopping them before they can continue to infest your home.
  • call for help – once you’ve noticed spiders inside your home, take action to get them out. Call for professional spider pest control services to rid your home of these dangerous spiders.

Rely on The Top Spider Pest Control Company

Rid your home of these creepy pests during the winter months. By recognizing the habits of spiders, and working within the walls of your home to eliminate them you will avoid the problems that come with these pests. When you need help with Spider Pest control, contact Beeline Pest Control today at (801) 544-9200.


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