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Are Spiders Really That Scary?


Spiders are one of the greatest fears people have. A spider infestation for many can lead to crippling fear, flinching and panicking at anything that brushes against us feeling creepy and crawly. While we may not like them, spiders aren’t nearly as bad as they seem.


The Dangerous Ones


Black widows, hobo spiders, and brown recluses have each earned themselves a bad reputation in the spider world. Their names are each met with fear, and often rightly so as a bite can be dangerous. While you should call a professional to rid your home of these nasty pest, it is also important to take a step back when encountering. None of these spiders are very aggressive, instead choosing to hide in the basement, wood piles, and other hard to reach areas. While their bite can be painful and potentially dangerous, it is important to recognize that the chances of you being bitten are extremely low.




There is a greater chance that the spiders you are finding in and around your home are actually harmless. While they still may be an annoyance, they are not dangerous. Don’t fear these spiders, but still take the steps to get the bother removed from your home. Some of the common types of harmless house spiders include:


  • Daddy longlegs – these are some of the most identifiable spiders with the light colored bodies and extra thin long legs. There is not a defined difference between body and their heads. These spiders will find damp places to hide. Although they look like spiders, these are not in the true order of spiders as they only have two eyes, no venom glands, and no silk glands.
  • Jumping spider – the jumping spider looks frightening, but it is not dangerous. True to their name these spiders will jump to get around. Their bodies have more hair than other spiders. These pests will hide in cracks of floors, under furniture and between books.
  • Domestic house spider – these spiders make their home all across the country. they range in color from dark orange to brown along with a pale mark across the chest. Because of these markings, these spiders are often confused with the hobo spider, although they do not have a dangerous bite like the hobo does. One advantage of the domestic house spider is that it will compete with the hobo spider, reducing these dangerous numbers in your yard.

Spiders aren’t really that scary, in fact sometimes they can be beneficial to you. Learn the differences between these pests and take the steps to remove dangerous spiders from your home.


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