Techniques to eliminate spiders from your house.


Spiders are not welcome in the household. Even though spiders may not do erratic damage to your belongings or house, as other pests do, they certainly can be harmful and a nuisance. Some spider bites are venomous and can cause severe reactions in children or the elderly. So, it is wise to take adequate measures for home spider control. Various chemicals and pesticides, that are used to kill spiders, are often dangerous to a persons’ health and the environment as well.  For Utah spiders, the best way to get rid of spiders is to use natural spider repellents and to keep your house clean.


The first step in wiping out spiders is to have a look around and clean any environment that may attract spiders. Having things like piles of leaves, piles of wood and dark undisturbed places near or up against your house make wonderful homes for spiders. Separate these things from your home so that spiders keep a distance away from your home. It is important to identify and seal any entry points these creatures use by filling small holes and cracks and making doors fit close and tight without any gaps. It would also wise to use a quality spider repellent, before you seal any holes or cracks, in order to kill any spiders that may become trapped and then wander into your home.


Keeping your home clean is an important step in reducing the number of pests in Utah. Spiders feed on small insects within your house. Without reliable food sources and good hiding spots, spiders will not want to stay and will go elsewhere. With a vacuum cleaner, clean corners of ceilings to reduce their presence in your home.


To get rid of all spiders, the only way is to check the dark undisturbed places. Spider repellents repel spiders by emitting a scent which is not favorable to spiders, but safe and pleasant to humans. Spider repellent is one of many methods used to get rid of these spiders.

Try Natural Repellents:

Peppermint Oil

One of the best options for spider eradication is peppermint oil, which through its strong smell compels the spiders to leave the home. Peppermint oil also provides a pleasant scent in your home. Peppermint oil can be used by mixing it with water and spraying infested areas, and by placing soaked cotton balls in cracks and gaps around doors and windows. You may also grow peppermint plants in your own kitchen or garden.

White Vinegar

Another effective natural spider repellent is white vinegar. Like peppermint oil, spiders do not like the strong pungent smell of white vinegar. Its acidic nature can burn and kill spiders upon contact, driving them away in no time. It is user-friendly by its non-toxic nature. White vinegar with equal parts water acts as a better repellent.

Diatomaceous Earth Powder

Diatomaceous earth (DE) powder is the powdered fossils of water-dwellers called diatoms. DE powder can solve all kinds of problems incurred by pests, including spiders. Put a layer of DE around corners and cracks in basements and other spider hideouts. When spiders walk through this DE powder it kills them. Do not wet the DE powder, it won’t work well.


A few drops of eucalyptus oil can also be an excellent repellent, forcing spiders to look for a new residence.

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