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• Scorpions are most active at night, and hide under boards, rubbish, bricks, and in wood piles. • Although all scorpions have venom, only one species in the United States is considered to have a potentially life-threatening sting. (Arizona Bark Scorpion)

There are approximately nine species of scorpions in Utah. Scorpions are usually found in semiarid deserts. Most Utah scorpions are found in the southern part of the state, however, three species are occasionally found in northern Utah. Scorpions are nocturnal. They find shelter during the day and come out at night to feed. Overall, scorpions have flattened bodies in which they can easily fit under stones and wood. They tend to hide under boards, in stacked lumber, firewood piles, attics, and in debris.

Scorpions can enter homes through very small openings in windows and doors. All scorpion species possess venom. Most scorpion stings are relatively harmless to humans. The only species in Utah that is potentially harmful to humans is the Arizona bark scorpion. They have a very limited footprint in Utah, and are usually found only in the southeastern part of the state (Kane county). Children and older adults are more likely to exhibit symptoms if stung. People stung by a scorpion should consult a doctor. The individual reaction to the venom can vary greatly.

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Scorpions are not typically a problem around homes unless they are in a recently developed desert area. Outside, they can be found burrowing into sand boxes, ditches, and gravel pits. Scorpions are very difficult to control outside. To minimize scorpions from around a home, eliminate favorable habitat. Do not keep shoes, boots, clothing items, or wet towels outside. Clean up any debris around the house, and only bring firewood inside when it is immediately going to be burned. Wear gloves and boots when cleaning areas where scorpions may hide. Scorpions are not generally found inside human structures and are considered transient pests that accidentally enter a home. Scorpions can be found under the house or in areas with water (e.g., bathroom, laundry room, etc.). Sealing windows and doors and caulking any cracks in the foundation will discourage scorpions from entering a structure.

Beeline Pest Control has served the state of Utah for over 20 years. Call now for your quick FREE quote.


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