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Spiders are one of the bugs that we get calls for all year long here in Utah. Although our customers say they see more spiders throughout the summer, local hospitals report more spider bite patients in the winter months.

“What kind of spider is this?”

We hear this question all the time around here. While there are several spiders such as Black Widows which are easily identifiable, the truth is that many spiders can only be accurately identified when placed under a microscope. Really, we feel like the wrong question is being asked. The question we have is, “When a spider crawls across your face at 2:00 in the morning, do you really care what kind of spider it is? “Though you might not tell your friends the next day, you are very likely going to jump so high that you bang your head on the ceiling, then injure your leg on the way back down. But not to worry, after you spend an hour looking for the spider that got lost in the chaos, you’ll have the rest of the night to come up with a good story to tell your friends to explain why you look like you spent the night in jail after a bar fight, because there will be no sleeping knowing that the the eight-legged crawler is still out there somewhere.

Seriously though, spiders are one of the little creatures that we are best at getting rid of. They are the one we have the most experience with. We treat nearly 200 homes every day for spiders. There is no need for you to have spiders in your house. Call us right now and see what it is like knowing that you won’t have to suffer another nightmare of a night like the one described above.

Beeline Pest Control has served the state of Utah for over 20 years. Call now for your quick FREE quote.

From Slight Nuisances to Serious Nightmares

Spiders don’t instinctively prey on humans. Unfortunately, with the borders between their natural habitats and ours becoming less defined, we inadvertently get in their way. Though a spider or two of even the more harmful varieties isn’t necessarily cause for panic, they do tend to bring their egg sacs into the safety of our homes. Seeing one arachnid foe in your home could mean a few hundred are waiting to hatch out.

If you’ve seen spiders or signs of their presence in or around your home, contact Beeline Pest Control. We’ll rescue you from the ones already there, help you secure your home against future invasions, and make sure no bigger issues await you come springtime.

What Beeline Pest Control Can do to Eliminate Your Spider Problem

If you’re struggling under the burden of a spider control problem, let us come out to survey your property today. We can provide you with an accurate analysis of the type of spiders invading your property, what the danger level is, the cost, and the amount of time it will take our team to complete an extermination. You may not be aware of the danger some arachnids can cause, but don’t let a venomous bite or a severe infestation be the reason you call us. Contact us beforehand and prevent the problem from spreading by picking up the phone and calling Beeline today.

Don’t wait for a large spider infestation or a painfully venomous bite to have your home inspected. Utah is home to a large number of arachnids that could take over your home quickly. Get in touch with Beeline Pest Control today for an estimate to prevent spiders.

Beeline Pest Control has served the state of Utah for over 20 years. Call now for your quick FREE quote.

All Backed By Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Spiders are the top pest here in Utah. We have extensive experience in dealing with spiders. Whether you need a one-time service or would like a maintenance program, we can offer a guarantee on spider services either way.

Once we have performed the service, if you have any further problems with spiders getting inside your home, simply call us and we will return for free.

Reviews from Utah Residents

“Beeline is the best! They were at my house the very next day and completely got ride of my ants”

Terry, Utah

“We had some issues with bed bugs. Beeline’s price was the best and service was great. No more bed bugs for us”

Jake, Utah