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As a small business owner, your office is a reflection of you as well as your company. The last thing you want visiting guests to believe is that you’re a small time operation working in a cockroach-infested building. It fosters a perception that your entire operation is substandard. That’s why you have to keep your […]

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Bugs are not just an annoyance. Sure, they crawl in filth all day, spreading disease and potential infection wherever they go. That’s not the worst problem if you have allergies, though. These creepy crawlies can send you into breathless, sneezing fits even if you don’t know they’re there. Here’s what you need to know about […]

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From childhood people learn to avoid bees. Formative memories of painful experiences linger in your mind, even if you don’t get stung for years. For some people, bee stings are potentially fatal. Common sense dictates that you should avoid them even if you’re not allergic. Here are five ways to prevent bee and wasp stings. […]

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Have you heard the story of the Detroit woman who, driven by the torment of bedbugs, set her apartment on fire? For almost a year, Sherry Young had lived in fear of these nasty things. With her patience running out, she took matters into her hands, despite anything she might have known about DIY pest […]

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Winter has arrived— it’s here. The dropping temperatures mean more than just a need to wear multiple layers and keep a lot of blankets nearby. You also have to worry about the bugs that live for cold weather. Here’s a guide on how to defend your home from winter pest invasion. Watch for Rodents You […]

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One of the greatest fears of a homeowner is a bug infestation. Termites are the worst scenario out of the various bugs due to the damage they cause. Once they get in the woodwork, you’ll spend thousands of dollars repairing the damage. You need to know the instant you’re in danger. Here are four early […]

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