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The most dangerous spiders that are commonly found in Utah include the black widow, the hobo spider, and the wolf spider. Learn about these spiders and the characteristics of their bites so that you can be prepared in case you come across one in your family’s home or yard.


Take the steps necessary to protect your home, yard, and garage from the presence of wolf spiders. Let’s look deeper at our Beeline pest of the month.

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We all must admit that walking outside in the middle of February expecting to get hit by frigidly cold air but being surprised by the warmth of the sun is a great feeling. This is why so many people love mild winters but, unfortunately, there are some cons to such mild winters. One of the most frustrating downfalls for homeowners and those suffering with entomophobia is that, once early spring comes along, you will notice an increased population of pests.


What are the Utah pest seasons? Check out our infographic.   Beeline Pest Control1740 South 300 West, Suite 2 Clearfield, UT, 84015-3575 USA • 801-204-9134


Box elder bugs can be a major nuisance for any individual dealing with a infestation, but are these pests actually harmful? Learn about the various ways box elder bugs can be harmful, and how to eliminate these bothersome insects.


Having a well kept yard and garden is a satisfying feeling but when insects start taking over and eating away at your hard, beautiful work, it can get frustrating. Identifying what kinds of bugs are doing this to your yard can be even more frustrating. Save your yard and garden by understanding the facts and habits of five […]

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