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How well do you know the Utah spider species? Put your knowledge to the test with this difficult arachnid quiz we constructed!


Bed bugs. They used to be nothing more than a footnote in a children’s nursery rhyme, and now their name alone inspires righteous fury from homeowners, renters, and parents all over Salt Lake City. As an increasingly prevalent issue facing more and more individuals and families, bed bug infestations have been on the rise in […]


What You Should Know The Hobo Spider is one of the most dangerous spiders found in Utah. They are most active and commonly found from August through October when they are mating and preparing for winter. The females search for a warm place to lay their eggs which is why they are found in homes […]

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Our favorite way to spend the cold winters in Utah is by getting cozy inside of your warm and happy family home. We can snuggle up in your beds, next to the fireplace, or in the kitchen while you cook our favorite soup. Some of us may die before winter ends but don’t you worry […]


Bugs are the worst. But what is even worse than bugs? Bugs that bite. When you get bit by an insect, you get to deal with the annoying and sometimes painful aftermath for days. For the next time you or your loved one becomes a victim of a bug bite, remember these natural bug bite remedies to help get rid of the pain, itchiness, and swelling.


There are a few simple tricks that you can use to keep the wasps away from the BBQ this year. Understanding a few basic components will give you the advantage over the wasp and may even lead to some creative solutions of your own.

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