What You Should Know About And Do About Carpenter Ants.

What You Should Know About And Do About Carpenter Ants


What Are Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants are not termites, but they have a shared love for wood. Unlike termites, they prefer their wood wet. Their favorite time of operation is during the spring when it is wet, this is Carpenter ants best time for reproduction and nesting. Moreover, it is quite unlikely to see them during the winter. Unfortunately, if you do see a Carpenter ant inside your home, it could be a sign of a nest nearby. There is a chance you could have an ant infestation. And, like a normal community, they have other satellite nests nearby, so if you see one, expect to see many more in your Utah home.

What Do Carpenter Ants Do?

As previously stated, Carpenter ants are not termites, so they do not eat wood. Their attraction to damp wood is because it serves as the perfect nest for them to create their colonies. Outdoors, the usual woods of choice are tree stumps, rotten logs, and other decaying wet wood, while indoors they target damp basements, attics, and other woods prone to liquid damage like those of barns. What they do to this wood is that they burrow into it so deeply and intricately until they weaken the entire structural integrity of the wood. In other words, when Carpenter ants build their nest in your house, they are doing it at the expense of your house’s structural strength and inadvertently, your own safety.

How To Prevent Their Nesting

The first thing to do is to make sure you do not provide an infestation ground for Carpenter ants in your house. Every wood or wooden structure should be kept dry at all times; keep water away from them and check every water source to make sure there are not any leaks, dripping spouts, and any other water build-up. Emphasize your check on the basement and the attic; for these are some of the common places they build their nests which metastasizes into colonies. Do not limit your investigation indoors; clear your backyard of any possible wet wood like firewood piles, rotten trees, old storage, wooden debris, and other possible infestation grounds. This practice will prevent Carpenter ants from settling in your vicinity.

You may do your best, but sometimes you need the help of an expert. This is why it is wise to invest in knowledgeable and experienced Pest control experts. Choose Pest control experts who can perform routine checks to prevent infestation and where necessary, eliminate the problem. They have good detection skills and can give the best solution to an infestation problem.

Carpenter ants work secretly, that is why by the time they are found, chances are that it is usually too late. With these little facts and recommendations, make a habit of noticing the signs and take proactive measures against these pests and their possible settlement. Protect your property and most importantly, protect yourself.

Rely On The Ant Pest Control Experts

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