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Most Common Household Pests

Nearly every household has a problem with pests at some point. From the occasional spider to outright infestations, such as ants or mice, household pests are varied and always a headache. Depending on your geographical region, you may have problems with certain pests over others. Some regions are susceptible to certain types of infestations and pest problems more than others.

The most common household pests nearly everywhere are, of course, pests like ants, spiders, wasps, cockroaches, mice, and termites in some places. Eliminating household pests varies by the individual pest as well as the level of infestation. In all cases, preventative measures will have more lasting impacts on keeping pests out of your home and keeping them under control if they are in the home. Here is a look at some common household pests and solutions to get rid of them.

Mice –

    • There are a common pest that can quickly turn into an infestation. Within just months, a few mice can enter your home and quickly become an out of control problem. Laying mouse traps is a short term solution that doesn’t really solve the problem. Getting rid of mice requires contracting a

pest control company

    • and having the infestation professionally eradicated. You will then need to make efforts to keep mice out by sealing openings around the home and eliminating conditions under which mice thrive.

Spiders – Spiders are some of the most prevalent varieties of pest and have an ability to infiltrate nearly any space. Spider infestations are often hard to identify since spiders prefer to remain hidden. Spiders multiply quickly and can fast become a difficult to control problem, not to mention a potentially dangerous one. Poisonous spiders are a real concern in many areas, and spiders like the Hobo and Black Widow are a health and safety risk. If you notice a large quantity of spiders in your home, install spider traps and keep your home clean and well dusted to keep spiders in check.

Ants – These are likely the most common household pest in the world. Ants are hugely adaptive and can multiply in astonishing numbers, making them a serious problem for households. Ant colonies can number in the hundreds of thousands and infiltrate your home in overwhelming numbers. Once your home has an ant infestation, you need to call a professional pest control service to eliminate the problem and prevent recurrence. When an ant problem reaches a certain point, no trap will resolve the infestation; you need a more comprehensive solution.

Wasps – Wasps are some of the most feared and troublesome pests. Home wasp infestations can pose serious health and safety risks and when they reach a certain point, require an extensive removal plan. Remaining vigilant about monitoring where wasps build their nests and removing smaller nests before larger ones can be built is a good preventative measure to take. If the problem is out of hand, call a professional wasp removal service to resolve the infestation safely and efficiently.

Cockroaches – Roaches are some of the most repugnant household pests and are a serious problem once they invade your home. Often, cockroaches are hard to detect since they are nocturnal and often live unnoticed. If you notice cockroach droppings around your home, you likely have an infestation. Cockroaches reproduce rapidly and are highly resilient pests, so you will need a thorough eradication solution.


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