Pests that are Less Common in Utah

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There are some pests that are so common in Utah they seem to affect every neighborhood in some way or another. These insects do damage to our homes and yard, creating more problems the longer they are allowed to stay. While fighting off these common pests, other pests that are less common in our state seem to slip through the cracks, infesting more areas. Scorpions are just one of these less common pests in Utah that cannot be forgotten. Learn more about these pests in your area and what you can do to protect your home against them.


Heavy Storms


Within the state of Utah, scorpions are much more common in the southern part of the state than in Northern Utah. Southern Utah’s climate is closer to the desert temperatures these pests thrive in. Scorpions make their homes underground in dens they’ve created. When floods or heavy rainstorms hit these areas, scorpions are driven out looking for dry ground. Naturally this brings them closer to neighborhoods and people. Following a rainstorm be vigilant in looking for and identifying a scorpion infestation. Take action immediately if you see a scorpion on your property.


Facts About Scorpions


In Utah there are some creatures that have a similar appearance to scorpions but are not actually in the same classification. This includes the Pale Windscorpion and the Pseudoscorpion. As an arachnid a real scorpion will have eight legs and will have two segments to their bodies. The identifying feature of the scorpion is the tail and stinger at the end, poised above the body. This stinger often contains venom, which is where the true danger of these pests resides. Those who are stung by a scorpion might experience swelling, pain, numbness, or convulsions.


A scorpion infestation can be initially difficult to identify. They do not leave some of the typical signs that other pests will leave when they invade an area. While they may not cause damage to your home and yard, their painful sting is just one of the many reasons to get rid of them in and around your home. Usually the only means of identification is actually seeing a scorpion on your property. They generally hide in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight.

If you have discovered a scorpion infestation in your yard, contact Beeline Pest Control to rid the problem. This is especially important after heavy rainfall as these pests will be searching for a dry place to stay.


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