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4 Reasons Why You Have a Pest Problem

Pest infestations, no matter how minor or severe, are never a random development. While there are definitely geographic and climate variables that make the presence of certain pests more likely, there are other reasons why a pest problem could be affecting you. Everything from excessive yard debris to uncovered, unstored food around the house, can draw pests to your home and property. Pest infestations can range from minor annoyance to full crisis, depending on the pest and the degree of infestation. While there are many effective ways of resolving a pest problem, prevention is always the cheapest and most logical solution. Here is a look at four of the top reasons you have a pest problem and what you can do about it.

  • Easy Access

The most common, and perhaps obvious, reason that pests are invading your property and home is easy access. Making efforts to keep pests out of your home is a matter of sealing, blocking, or otherwise repairing passageways. Inspect the exterior of the home and look for cracks and gaps around the foundation, holes, open vents, broken screens, and large gaps in doors, among other things.

During the warmer months, keeping doors and windows consistently open can invite pests inside. In the winter, the cold can often drive insects and mice indoors, so sealing the home is critical to preventing pests year round.

  • Food and Water

After being able to easily get into your home, the availability of food and water is likely to keep pests around. Leaky pipes and faucets, clogged drains and downspouts, and pet water bowls kept outdoors can all help draw in pests and contribute to their ongoing residence in your home. Be sure to address water leaks and damage.

When it comes to food, anything can be a source of food for many pests. Everything from accumulating trash–indoors and out–to pet food and any other kind of food left out in the open. Mice and rats can chew through nearly anything to gain access to food. Keep your garbage under control, keep trash cans away from the home, maintain a clean house, and keep food securely stored.

  • Trash and Yard Debris

Be sure to store trash cans a good distance away from the house and have them emptied regularly to reduce the likelihood of pests becoming drawn to the garbage. If trash spills, clean it up promptly–even outdoors, as unaddressed trash can encourage pest infestations. Even recyclables need to be managed since food and beverage containers to be recycled can contribute to pest infestations, and pests like rodents can easily chew through plastic containers.

Yard debris is also a concern, particularly for pests like spiders, termites, and rodents. Wood piles, branches, leaves, and other detritus can become a haven for a variety of pests and increase the risks that they will infiltrate your home. Keep your yard debris under control and make every effort to eradicate any noticeable pest problem outside before it comes inside.

  • Small Problems Get Larger

Pest control is one of those delicate tasks that requires ongoing proactive care. The presence of a couple cockroaches or a single mouse sighting can quickly morph into a difficult to manage infestation. A very common catalyst to pest problems is simply ignoring the signs that an infestation is developing. Be aware of the indoor and outdoor conditions on your property and take steps to eliminate pests and the conditions under which they thrive before the problem gets out of control.


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