Common Fall Pests: A Comprehensive Guide on pests

Common Fall Pests

With temperatures dropping there are a few pests that use this opportunity to move into the warmth of your home. These pest become major annoyances, some causing damage to the structure as well as the health of our family. Learn to recognize the most common pest of fall and how to prevent them from doing damage in your home.



field mice

 These rodents are dangerous not only in the damage they can do to the home, but the diseases they spread. These pests can carry salmonella and hantavirus, both of which can be extremely dangerous. In addition to this, elements of their urine can trigger asthma attacks in some people, a potentially life-threatening condition. To prevent these pests from entering, keep your home and yard clean, keep your food stored away in containers and don’t store your pet food in the garage unless it is in a sealed container. In addition to this, make sure your garage door is properly sealed as this is one of the easiest points of entry for these rodents. All of these things will reduce the chances of rodents entering your home. These pests are hard to initially detect at first, look for the signs before they can make themselves comfortable on your property.


Boxelder Bugs

box elder bugs

These Box Elder bugs are pests reproduce at a fast rate, meaning a small problem can soon turn into a large scale infestation. They will look for shelter during the fall months, looking for a good place to hibernate for the winter. While these pest may seem harmless, their bite, though rarely given, can cause skin irritation. In addition to this, their fecal matter will leaved a red stain, causing damage to the areas they’ve entered in your home. Don’t let these pests overtake your home, seal any cracks before they can enter.


Stink Bugs

Stink bugs now call home 41 different states, making them a problem for many across the nation. They cause the most trouble in farms and gardens, but can also move residential to cause more problems for homeowners. These stink bugs will move to warmer conditions in the fall, looking for protection. When they feel threatened, the stink bugs will release their stench, which can be problematic in the home.

These are just a few of the pests you could be experiencing during the winter months. Make sure you better protect your home from these pests by sealing any cracks, keeping your home and yard clean, and calling pest control to do routine services to your home and yard.


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