What You Need to Know About Pests and Allergies

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Bugs are not just an annoyance. Sure, they crawl in filth all day, spreading disease and potential infection wherever they go. That’s not the worst problem if you have allergies, though. These creepy crawlies can send you into breathless, sneezing fits even if you don’t know they’re there. Here’s what you need to know about pests and allergies.

Rodents Are Gross

You’ve probably never Googled all the nasty ways rodents can mess up your life, and you shouldn’t. Rodents embody everything that makes your skin crawl. They’re walking contaminants, and if they come in contact with your food, you should only eat it if you love visiting your doctor.

That’s not the worst part for people susceptible to allergies, though. The saliva rodents produce can aggravate your skin. The smell from their urine can trigger sneezing fits. Worst of all, 82 percent of all homes contain some level of mouse allergen. Other critters, such as rats, also leave their own irritants. If these pests get in your home, you can break out in hives and sneezing without ever realizing why.

Cockroaches Cause Asthma

It’s true. Having cockroaches in your home is problematic enough. These ugly critters get everywhere and breed so quickly that the infestation is seemingly impossible to contain. That’s not even the bad news, though.

People who suffer from asthma know the problems cockroaches cause. They track dirt into your home in high volumes, but that’s not the main issue. What asthmatics fear are dead cockroach bodies. The dust from these desiccated corpses floats into the air and then into a person’s bronchial tubes. The windpipe swells, and a person suffers a reaction that leaves them breathless.

Cockroaches cause other allergy problems, too. Direct contact with a cockroach, its corpse, or its droppings leads to several types of aggravation. The affected skin region can break into hives. The person can also suffer itchy eyes and nose, and they may experience a gagging sensation even if they avoid an actual asthma attack. Everything about cockroaches is a potential nightmare for allergy sufferers, but it’s easily avoidable as long as residents keep cockroaches out of their homes.

Bee Stings Are Killer

One of the primary reasons people with allergies carry around an EpiPen is fear of bee stings. Several forms of these flying insects can cause nightmare health issues for those unfortunate souls who are allergic. Winged pests like wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets all deliver stings that are painful as well as potentially fatal if not treated.

Even harmless bee stings can leave skin irritated and possibly swelled. Redness around the affected area could indicate additional adverse effects. For a person with bee allergies, however, they must aggressively treat such stings immediately. Otherwise, they could quickly black out and even die from the wounds. People with bee sting allergies must avoid bees altogether, making it especially important to keep beehives off your property.

Given the above, it’s clear that pests and allergies from them are a much more dangerous threat than most people realize. If you are suffering an infestation, call Beeline Pest Control at 801-544-9200 to have a pro solve your problem.


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