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Four Ways to Keep Pests Out in Winter


Many household pests will happily live in the countryside all summer while food is abundant and the weather is warm outside. However, as winter approaches, food becomes more scarce and the temperatures drop, leaving insects with two choices: either find a nice, warm place to hibernate with lots of food, or die in the snow. Don’t let your home become a winter home for bugs. Take the following steps to prevent a winter pest problem:

  1. Keep food sealed and out of the open. Don’t give insects anything to snack on and they’ll quickly turn away in frustration. Limit the places where you eat, clean up food spills quickly, and vacuum and mop on a regular basis.
  2. Store your firewood outside. Termites aren’t the only creatures who love wood: woodpiles make for a dark, warm hiding place and are the favorite living spaces for cockroaches, mice, and other creatures. Make sure your firewood is far from your house and neatly stacked.
  3. Seal up any cracks. Even small cracks and openings in your walls and foundation can pose a risk. Mice, for example, are flexible enough that they can squeeze through a crack the size of their skulls.
  4. Most importantly, make sure you receive regular pest control treatments from a Utah pest control expert. With just a few minutes every few months, you can significantly reduce your risk of a pest invasion.

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