How to Defend Your Home From Winter Pest Invasion

How to Defend Your Home From Winter Pest Invasion

Winter has arrived— it’s here. The dropping temperatures mean more than just a need to wear multiple layers and keep a lot of blankets nearby. You also have to worry about the bugs that live for cold weather. Here’s a guide on how to defend your home from winter pest invasion.

Rats RodentsWatch for Rodents

You might believe that creatures possessing natural fur coats won’t be an issue during the winter. That’s not true. Mice, rats, and similar rodents don’t like cold weather any more than you do. They’ll instinctively look to find solace in warm places. That means they’ll enjoy the central heating permeating your home.

The worst part is that such rodents are so small in size. They can easily slip through many entry points in your home and burrow into spots where you’ll struggle to eliminate them on your own. Winter-proofing your home against such creatures is straightforward. You’ll want to examine the structure of your walls to verify their integrity. If you see any holes, repair them. Plug them with spackle, or use sheetrock or pressboard for larger openings.

Check the Cracks

Smaller bugs in particular can cause nightmares during winter. Spiders and cockroaches can slip through virtual any crack, and if that happens, they’ll nest quickly. You’ll suffer an infiltration and then a full-fledged infestation in a short period. By the time you react to the issue, you’ll have webs all over your home. Plus, the cockroaches will spread disease to anything they touch. Once these critters are in your home, you’re more susceptible to nasty illnesses.

Fortunately, a bit of proactive home repair on your part can address the issue. Examine the various cracks in the walls of your home. You should check the exterior as well as the interior. Any sign of deterioration functions as an RSVP to bugs to visit your home. Like most house guests, once they’re there, you’ll struggle to get them to leave.

Insulate Your Windows

Preventing outside infestation involves more than looking for small holes in your house. You’ll also want to address potential vulnerabilities in your home. Anything with outside access is susceptible to invasion if you’re not diligent. Even something as innocuous as a crack in the pane of your window can provide a large enough gap for small pests to get in your home.

Step one should involve carefully studying all your windows to protect them when the weather turns. You can winter-proof these areas by installing insulation. This serves two purposes. The first is that you’ll guarantee that bugs can’t get inside. The second is that you’ll save on your utility bills since you’ll keep warmth from leaking out the same gaps where bugs could have crawled in.

Get Rid of Boxes

Step two requires you to remove moldy old boxes that could attract pests. In particular, your basement and attic are locations you’re likely to store your old junk. These boxes you ignore provide a wonderful safe house for all the bugs you want to keep away.

Given the above, it’s easy to understand why you must winterize your home. If you’re too late and already have winter pest troubles, call in an expert, quick. Contact Beeline Pest Control at 801-544-9200.


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