Don’t Let Termites Get the Best of You. What to do.

Don’t Let Termites Get the Best of You


Termites may be tiny, but they are a big threat for home and business owners. Why? Well, according to statistics “Termites can do more damage than a wildfire, hurricane and tornado COMBINED. So, I’m sure you can imagine what would happen if one of their hardworking and massive colonies found their way into your home.

How to Identify a Termite
The first key in combating termites is identifying that you have a termite problem. In order to do this you’ve got to know what they look like. Termites are often described as a ‘white ant’ due to their somewhat white or light copper colored bodies. They are generally 3-6 mm but can be up to 3-15 mm. Unlike ants, their bodies are wide.

Ways to Prevent In-Home Termite Infestation:

  • Eliminate any extra sources of moisture such as leaking faucets and pipes
  • Keep water away from home foundation
  • Keep all vents open and clear
  • Get rid of food sources such rotting trees, fire wood, and paper
  • Check outdoor furniture and decks for damage
  • Seal cracks, crevices, and other entry points around your home

How to Terminate Them
Unfortunately there is no quick fix method available to terminate these annoying pests. The reason for this is that a termite queen lays eggs each day of her 15-30 years of life. They multiply fast and they can destroy nearly everything in their path. Their society is very structured and controlled and their bite can be pretty mean. If you find one in your home, rest assured there are many more hiding out. Your best bet is to call us immediately! We are your Utah pest control professionals!


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Beeline uses products that are approved by the EPA and rated for use in Hospitals, Day Care Centers, Restaurants and Veterinary Clinics.

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