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Termites in Utah

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Termites are some of the most damaging and difficult pests you can have inside the home. Once termites enter, they will begin doing damage, and will not stop until there is nothing left or they are removed. Learn how to identify termites, the damage they can do, and the correct termite pest control means to rid your home of these troubles.


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Termites can be found in every area of Salt Lake City and many of the neighboring areas. There are three species that have been identified in Utah, each of which can deliver extreme damage. It is more common for termites to infest the larger cities in a given state rather than the smaller ones, moving more easily between homes and following their food source: wood. Unfortunately it seems as though termite infestations are only increasing in Utah, especially in these heavily populated areas of town.


Termites and Termite Damage


Being able to recognize termites and termite damage is key in preventing advanced damage. Termites have also been known as white ants. They similarly live in colonies with much of the same working structure. While ants have a slender waist, termites do not share this same characteristic, and can also vary more in color from white to a dark brown.


It is important to be aware of potential termite damage in the home. First finding the actual termites rather than the damage they have caused is the best way to extract them before true problems occur. Look for discarded termite wings on the floor of your home. These will most commonly be along the walls, near small cracks they may be entering through. Once the termites have begun to cause damage, it can be seen through swollen floors and ceilings, buckling walls, and sawdust around baseboards. Be aware of these signs, while they may look like water damage, it could be a termite infestation.


When searching your home for termites, the best place to look is in the dark corners of the basement, especially those near the heater. Termites thrive on the warmer temperatures and will look for these warm corners. Since only subterranean termites can live in Utah, they will most often come from the soil, finding cracks in the foundation to enter. They can make their way through the smallest of openings, even those only 1/32 of an inch. Because of this any building can become victim to termites.

Be aware of the potential damage termites can cause, stopping it before advanced problems happen. There is no piece of wood off limits in your home when termites invade, they will destroy from the inside out.


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