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Humane vs Lethal Pest Control

Over the past few years debates have come up as to whether or not human pest control is a better or even more effective option. Learn the differences between humane and lethal pest control, and what will be the better option for your home.

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Prevention Instead

Before an infestation of your home happens, it is first important to take the necessary steps to prevent bugs from entering. Doing this will reduce the impact these pests will have on your home and family, as well as stop the need for advanced pest control methods. Things like:

Sealing the cracks around your home will limit the places pests can access your property. If you notice the weathering strip of your doors or the caulking of your windows has started to wear, get this replaced or fixed.

Moisture is a bug’s best friend. This moisture in the basement becomes especially important to them in the dry months as they are seeking out a source. Reduce the amount of moisture in your home.

Keep your food in containers. This may seem simple, but any food out in the open is an invitation for pests. Reduce their influence in your home by sealing up food once the package has been opened.

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What is Humane Pest Control?

Humane pest control seeks to eliminate or prevent pests from entering your home without harming or killing them. You can utilize humane measures to prevent pests from entering your home in the first place if you don’t have an existing pest infestation. If you already have bugs in your home, humane pest removal services can help you get rid of them while reducing stress and suffering.

When referring to humane pest control it is most often in reference to rodents rather than bugs. There are several things to look at when comparing human and lethal pest control against each other:

When dealing with any pest in any way, you must eradicate the problem at the source. Humanely removing pests and not taking care of the nest will lead to the problem reoccurring. Sometimes with humane pest control, it is more difficult to ensure the problem has been completely removed. Not taking care of the source will only lead the rodents to come back.

Some pests are more resilient than others. They have adapted over the years to outsmart certain pest control methods. Make sure the pest control method you choose is able to get rid of the whole problem, not just the obvious signs. Some pests such as bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of even through lethal methods.

With humane pest control, you must find where the pests are being transplanted after leaving your property. Depending on how a human pest control operation works, they may just move the pests somewhere close by, leading to another infestation in your future.

Choosing between humane and lethal pest control can be a difficult choice. It is better to take the steps necessary to prevent these pests from coming into your home and garage before you have to make the decision. If rodents do infiltrate your home, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type of pest control before making your decision.


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