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5 Ways People Get Rid Of Spiders

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Everyone will deal with a spider on their wall or dangling from the ceiling here and there in their house. Unfortunately, we’re not all spider-loving individuals due to so many people having a terrible fear of them (arachnophobia). There are many ways to have the best spider pest control in your home, what will you choose?

*Note: Before determining how to get rid of the eight-legged visitor, it’s best to know what kind it is. Most spiders in Utah are not dangerous, but there are a few injurious critters to avoid in Utah: the hobo spider, the black widow, the brown recluse, and the wolf spider.


Squash it.

The quickest and most common go-to method is to squash the spider. Although it’s not always the best choice, a shoe or rolled up newspaper is the easiest way.

*Note: Be quick and keep your distance from dangerous spiders, a black widow may head towards you if you miss!


Spray it.

Some of the best tips to get rid of spiders requires a focus on their prevention. Different types of sprays can help kill the spider directly and prevent a future encounter. Although these options should only be used if the spider is harmful, you can try these house sprays:

  • Hairspray
  • Perfume
  • Windex

Aerosol sprays can also help safely eliminate spiders. They can be used in garages, basements, and places where you tend to find spider webs. Controlling the spider webs using web eliminators around your home, office, etc is another effective solution. Web eliminators are used as contact pesticides. Most important, make sure to apply to painted surfaces, metal, brick, and wood for further effect.

A more natural option to kill pests is to use one drop of either lavender, citronella, cinnamon, citrus, peppermint, or tea tree oil mixed with water.


Vacuum it up.

A vacuum with a hose attachment option means you can get rid of the spider without having to get too close to it! Even if the spider has escaped into a tunnel or windowsill, the vacuum can suck out all the webbing and spiders within its escape route. This is also a great method to use if vacuuming up spider hatchlings that would be otherwise challenging to kill or migrate elsewhere. Once you have vacuumed the spider(s), remove the vacuum bag and seal it in a garbage bag, and put it outside in the garbage.


Migrate it.

Most spiders you encounter are harmless, moving them outdoors where they are able to do more insect-catching good is, well, simply put well! You can trap the spider in a jar or cup and cover the jar/cup with a piece of a paper/magazine, keeping it from escaping too soon. Release the spider outside, far from your house if you would like.



Available in dry dusting and liquid spot varieties, this would be good to lay out when you find a web during the day.

  • Dust applications are best for out of the way areas where spiders tend to go, apply it using hand brushes near the webs to make the location uninhabitable for a spider.
  • Liquid spot treatments are usually sold in powder form with set instructions to mix water and to form the spray, they can be used to spray under beds and dark corners.
  • For a natural option, diatomaceous earth consists of powdered fossilized remains of diatoms and is harmless to people and pets.

Do you have any other suggestions that we may have missed? Let us know!

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